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Craig and Ian are the hosts ot HubShots. Ian is the founder and CEO of Search & Be Found. Craig is the founder and Technical Director of XEN Systems.
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Tags: HubSpot, General, HubShots, Episodes, marketing managers

Episode 179: Quick HubSpot Conversations tip, Duplicate content considerations

This episode we chat about how HubSpot Conversations saves you time, plus testing emails in HubSpot.

by HubShots on 8 November 2019 9:03:04 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, HubSpot, General, HubShots, Episodes

Episode 178: How to ‘Test and Measure’ when you can’t measure, plus Merging Contacts gotcha

This episode we chat about how to avoid a gotcha when merging contacts, plus think through how to ‘test and measure’ video engagement.

by HubShots on 1 November 2019 9:03:09 AM
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