HubSpot Training

Tailored training across all key HubSpot items in your portalHubspot Training

Ideal for new and existing HubSpot customers.

Hourly training via zoom to guide your setup of all the key HubSpot items in your portal including:

  • Reporting
    • Setting up tracking 
    • Custom reports
    • Dashboards
    • Attribution: so you can tell where your customers are coming from
  • Settings
    • Contact settings (views, lists, custom fields)
    • Content settings (eg domains, email sending settings, colours, types)
    • Report settings (including IP exclusions)
    • Setting up your default forms, smart lists and workflows
    • Preparing default emails and internal notifications
    • Integrating HubSpot with your site (eg if using WordPress)
    • Adding Google Analytics and Facebook pixels
    • Adding default forms to pages (eg Contact Us)
  • Using all the marketing tools
    • Social
    • Paid advertising
    • Emails
    • Landing pages and web pages
    • Blog posts
    • CTAs
    • Chatflows
    • SEO planning
  • Using all the sales tools
    • Deals
    • Quotes
    • Meetings
    • Snippets and Templates
    • Tasks
    • Documents
  • Using all the Support tools
    • Tickets
    • Conversations
    • Assignment
    • Workflows
    • Reports and Dashboards


You can download a typical training schedule example here.

XEN HubSpot Training


  • Training is via zoom
  • We typically start with an hour long introductory session to agree on the key HubSpot areas you need help with to grow your business
  • And then organise 2 hour sessions to deep dive into specific areas 
  • The format is ad-hoc with us providing guidance around:
    • Key friction points and increasing efficiency
    • Best practices based on years of experience with HubSpot and multiple clients
    • New features we recommend you use


  • Training is billed at an hourly rate, and is also available as part of our HubSpot On-Demand service.


You've made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure you are putting it to optimal use.


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Another happy client LG Energy

Impressed with XEN’s combination of strategic, technical and implementation skills

We initially engaged XEN to assist LG Solar & Energy to improve our lgenergy website SEO, however the project quickly grew to include strategy across paid and social channels as well, with a focus on driving leads.

With the site now gaining 1100 visits per day and providing more than 1200 new leads per month, the project has been a great success.

It has been a vital part of our 35% sales growth , compared to last year.

We've been impressed with XEN's combination of strategic, technical and implementation skills, and have now introduced them into other divisions across LG.

Markus Lambert

National Manager, Solar Sales, LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd