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Helping you on your HubSpot Journey

HubSpot Journey Stage

Here at XEN, we work closely with mid-large B2B technology companies, helping them on their HubSpot journey to:

  • Start: Setup a new HubSpot hub or portal
  • Review: Audit an existing HubSpot portal
  • Grow: Scale their business growth via marketing campaigns built in HubSpot

On this page you'll find details of our Grow focussed offering.

HubSpot Marketing Campaign Implementation

Ideal for existing HubSpot customers who need guidance and implementation help getting a marketing campaign up and running.

Perfect for driving targeted traffic to your site and converting into leads.

Freeing you up to be more efficient (since we implement workflows automation to reduce your workload) and effective (due to the proper attribution in place for making informed marketing spend decisions).

HubSpot Campaign Implementation

Do you need help setting up your marketing campaigns in HubSpot?

Most Marketing Managers understand the concept of marketing campaigns and agree they need to get them in place.

The concept isn't the problem, but execution can be challenging - there's so many parts to implement. Chances are you've got the idea all worked out, now you just need help getting the pieces in place.

We work with you to strategise your campaign, map out the items, format the content and implement all the HubSpot bits.

See below for full details of what's included, and additional resources.

Another happy client LG Energy

Impressed with XEN’s combination of strategic, technical and implementation skills

We initially engaged XEN to assist LG Solar & Energy to improve our lgenergy website SEO, however the project quickly grew to include strategy across paid and social channels as well, with a focus on driving leads.

With the site now gaining 1100 visits per day and providing more than 1200 new leads per month, the project has been a great success.

It has been a vital part of our 35% sales growth , compared to last year.

We've been impressed with XEN's combination of strategic, technical and implementation skills, and have now introduced them into other divisions across LG.

Markus Lambert

National Manager, Solar Sales, LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Marketing Campaign Goals

The goal of a campaign is to move a contact to the next stage in their buyer's journey.

Typically this will be a top of the funnel content piece, to appeal to new contacts - and is thus usually considered a lead generation campaign.

However it can just as easily be used for implementing later stage goals as well (ie middle of the funnel consideration pieces, or bottom of the funnel decision stage pieces).

The content asset is created to provide value to your target audience, highlighting your expertise and building a closer relationship with them.

Below are answers to the questions we commonly hear:

What is this?

A complete marketing campaign implemented in HubSpot for you.

We implement all the HubSpot items, including landing pages, forms, emails, workflows, nurture sequences, reports, dashboards and attribution analysis.

Freeing you up to focus on strategic planning, and enabling informed decision making based on accurate attribution of results.

Managed and implemented by an experienced team of HubSpot experts who have years of success building marketing campaigns for mid-large B2B companies.


How much does it cost?

Please view our Pricing page for full details.



How long does it take?

For the first campaign we work on with you, expect 4-6 weeks from start to having the campaign in market.

For subsequent campaigns, timeframes are much quicker, typically 2-4 for implementation.

The difference is due to the first campaign usually requiring page and email template design items.


What's included?

The process includes planning the campaign with you, and then implementation of all the HubSpot items.

Additionally, reporting and attribution analysis, as well as optimisation of items after the campaign has been in market for an appropriate period.

It also includes working with your paid advertising team or agency to ensure an integrated promotion piece.

All HubSpot items are implemented for you

Please see the full section further down this page for the details.

Which HubSpot hubs does this require?

This requires a HubSpot Marketing Pro or Enterprise hub.

Do you have a brochure I can download?

Yes, you can download a brochure here.

Who is this ideally suited for?

This is suitable for mid-large companies who have been using HubSpot for at least 6 months.

It is ideal for marketing managers (and CMOs and marketing directors) who are responsible for marketing processes and campaigns.

It is especially ideal for companies who are keen to use HubSpot to its fullest (as opposed to only a few items).

If it not ideal for new HubSpot customers, or small businesses who are only using a few HubSpot functions.

What is the waitlist waiting time?

For your first campaign, we typically advise a waiting time of 3-6 weeks before we can commence, however this depends on how many customers are in the queue ahead of you, as well as the size of those campaigns.

For existing customers we will usually be able to commence within a few days, due to having dedicated customer teams in place.

How qualified is the XEN team?

The XEN team are extremely well qualified to help with your HubSpot planning, strategy and implementation and review.

  • Our team are all HubSpot Certified
  • We're a HubSpot Platinum Partner
  • We've been a HubSpot Partner since 2012, Gold Partner since 2016 and Platinum Partner since 2021
  • We co-host HubShots, Australia's #1 HubSpot focussed podcast and have been endorsed by many HubSpot team members, including HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan

Please check the XEN About page for details of the team and our certifications.

I'm already working with a HubSpot Agency, is this a problem?

If you're already working with a Hubspot Partner Agency, then as a first step we suggest you chat with them about doing this - getting us involved will probably just complicate things.

But as with all things... it depends. It will depend what you've engaged your existing agency to do - it might just be strategy or specific campaigns. In cases like that, bringing us in may be useful - but check with your agency first - we don't want to be treading on anyone's toes.

Your HubSpot Specialists

A random selection of the team - refresh to see more team members

Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey

Technical Director

Craig works with companies to help them understand, implement and scale their digital marketing strategies. He’s also a Hubspot Consultant.

Kylie Browne

Kylie Browne

Account Director

Kylie is a Google Ads specialist, with a passion for all things marketing. She manages customer accounts, and implements Google Ads, Email and Social Media Marketing.

Tara Connolly

Tara Connolly

HubSpot Strategist

Tara is a content marketing specialist, managing content strategy, creation and HubSpot implementation.

Roselen Fernandez

Roselen Fernandez

HubSpot Strategist

Roselen is a HubSpot and Inbound Marketing specialist, with a focus on solar, business and technology outreach campaigns.

HubSpot Video

Watch a quick overview of how we manage all parts of the implementation of your marketing campaign in HubSpot for you

Overview of what's included

At an overview level, here's what's included in a marketing campaign, built in HubSpot:

Marketing Campaign items

  • a HubSpot ‘campaign’ (in the HubSpot campaign tool)
  • a HubSpot landing page that has
  • a HubSpot form, and triggers
  • a HubSpot workflow, that sends
  • a HubSpot marketing email(s), linking to
  • a HubSpot thank you page or download page, and notifies team members via
  • a HubSpot internal email

Which is promoted via:

  • a HubSpot Slide-in form/popup on the site
  • a HubSpot CTA on the site
  • a HubSpot email ‘campaign’ sent to a relevant segment of your contact database
  • a Google Ads ‘campaign’ and a Facebook ‘campaign’
  • and a social ‘campaign’

And reported via:

  • a HubSpot campaign 
  • a HubSpot list
  • a HubSpot report and dashboard

The Campaign Flywheel

Campaign flywheel

For ease, we usually group these items into the following five categories:

  1. Plan 
  2. Implement 
  3. Promote
  4. Report
  5. Optimise

Marketing Campaign Details

Let's break down these five steps. As part of the process, we'll help you to:

[1] Plan

  • Campaign goals (what does success look like?)
  • Campaign brief (audience, budget, date range)
  • Assets to be created

[2] Implement

  • Graphic design
  • HubSpot forms
  • HubSpot lists
  • HubSpot files
  • HubSpot landing pages
  • HubSpot CTAs
  • HubSpot emails
  • HubSpot workflows
  • HubSpot campaign
  • HubSpot site updates
  • HubSpot reports
  • HubSpot dashboard
  • Attribution items

[3] Promote

  • HubSpot email send
  • Paid advertising (we work with your PPC team or agency to coordinate the following)
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
  • Social posts (we work with your social team or agency to coordinate)

[4] Report

  • HubSpot Report + Dashboard review
  • Insights and recommendations

[5] Optimise

  • HubSpot A/B testing
  • Ad variations

Yes, training is Included

As part of the implementation, we can walk you through the items, training you on any HubSpot areas you'd like to dive into.

It also has the benefit that once it has been setup you have a template that you can copy and tweak for future campaigns.


You made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, and you understand what you need to do to drive leads.

Now it's time to get those ideas into practice and get your campaigns firing.

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