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Pricing Guidance

XEN provides both project based and retainer based pricing options.
We are also available for custom marketing consulting engagements to select clients.

All prices are in AUD and exclude GST.
GST is applicable to Australian businesses.
GST is not charged to international companies.

On-Demand Hourly Rates

For select clients, our ad-hoc, on-demand Pay As You Go digital marketing offering provides strategy, implementation and training at a simple hourly rate. Please contact us to check if you are a fit and request hourly rates.

Custom HubSpot and Marketing Consulting

Tailored consulting, training and advisory with our CEO Craig Bailey is currently only offered to select clients. Please contact Craig directly to discuss further. 

Ongoing Monthly Retainers | $7,000 - $18,000 + GST per month

We offer a simple Item Costing model for our retainers.

Retainers start at $7000 + GST per month and grow based on your needs.

Monthly retainers are ideal for mid-large companies who want on-going, consistent digital strategy, training and implementation for their business or department.

Benefits include:

  • Strategy and activity across a wide range of channels
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • High quality, targeted content creation and promotion
  • Clear understanding of trends and success paths
  • No contracts - pause or cancel when required.
  • View further details of all the benefits of working in an on-going engagement

Please view our Retainer Pricing Model page for full details.


In addition to our Monthly Retainer Item Costing options, we also provide one-off Project based offerings.

These include:

Digital Strategy Session | $2,500 + GST

Working one-to-one with an experienced digital strategist to identify and prioritise digital marketing opportunities, conduct research, and provide actionable insights.

A Digital Strategy session can be purchased as a standalone item, or included as part of a retainer.

Marketing Campaign as a Service (CaaS) | $12,000 - $25,000 + GST

A full digital marketing campaign strategy, setup and implementation for one-off campaigns

Ideal for companies after a quick one-off campaign in order to test the market.

Full details available here.

SEO Audits | $9,000 - $35,000 + GST

Comprehensive SEO audits, covering all major on-page and off-page factors, including competitor analysis and social positioning.

The reports are delivered as Word documents, approximately 40-50 pages in length.

Typically $9,000 – $15,000 for corporates depending on complexity of site and social presence, whilst large government audits are in the range of $15,000 – $35,000.

Attribution Audits | $3,000 - $30,000 + GST

A complete review of your channels, campaigns and marketing technology platforms to determine what's working, what's not, and how to improve them.

The deliverables include a completed Audit checklist, plus detailed notes from consultations and implementation sessions.

Typically $3,000 – $5,000 for smaller business with standard setups, through to $10,000 - $30,000 for larger businesses with a range of channels, integration points and internal/external teams to consult with.

Annual Marketing Reviews | $2,500 - $3,500 + GST

A strategic and tactical planning session for the year ahead.

Purpose: To review the business goals, marketing campaigns, channels and plans for the year ahead – ideal for ensuring everyone is in-sync with marketing strategy and activities planned.

Learn more about Annual Marketing Reviews.

HubSpot Blueprint | $3,500 - $5,000 + GST

A series of strategy sessions to understand, decide and plan on the best way to Integrate HubSpot into your company to grow your business.

The HubSpot Blueprint is ideal for mid-large companies who are ready to implement HubSpot throughout their organisation.

The HubSpot Blueprint provides clarity on goals and priorities for implementation and ensures processes are put in place that are long term in view and boost efficiency.

Pricing starts at $3,500 for mid-size companies focussing on a specific department (eg sales or marketing or support), extending to $5,000 for companies rolling HubSpot out over multiple divisions.

HubSpot HealthCheck | $3,500 - $5,000 + GST

A complete review of your HubSpot portal to highlight issues, recommend fixes and streamline your processes.

The HubSpot HealthCheck is ideal for mid-large companies who already have HubSpot in place and have been using it for more than 6 months.

Perfect for regular reviews of your portal eg Quarterly or Annually.

Pricing starts at $3,500 for companies with a reasonable range of contacts, lists, forms, pages, workflows and emails, extending to $5,000 for complex portals.

HubSpot Ignition | $3,500 - $18,000 + GST

Complete setup, onboarding and optimisation of your HubSpot portal for new HubSpot customers.

The HubSpot Ignition service is ideal for mid-large companies who want to expedite their HubSpot onboarding with a tailored, hands-on training approach.

Pricing starts at $3,500 for mid-size companies with a single Hub (eg Marketing Hub) and standard requirements, extending to $18,000 for larger companies with complex requirements across multiple portals (Marketing, Sales, Service).

Includes implementation of HubSpot assets for one (1) marketing campaign.

HubSpot Coaching | $3,000 + GST per month

A series of weekly HubSpot Coaching sessions, to highlight key HubSpot items that may need improvement and provide recommendations.

The HubSpot Coaching service is ideal for Marketing managers or Mid-large B2B companies.

Pricing is fixed at $3,000 per month for companies with a reasonable range of contacts, lists, forms, pages, workflows and emails. Since it's limited to one session a week, any additional implementation work would be separate from the calls (and charged separately).

Note: you can also book in with both Craig Bailey and Ian Jacob (co-hosts of HubShots) here.

Web site design and development | $12,000 - $75,000 + GST

Design and development of websites in either WordPress or HubSpot.

Pricing depends on design complexity, implementation scope and functionality required.

  • Simple micro-sites are designed and built from $12,000
  • Corporate site builds and site migrations start at $25,000.

Please contact us to discuss web build options.

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