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HubSpot Coaching

Ideal for Marketing Managers and Mid-large B2B Companies


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Helping you on your HubSpot Journey

Helping you on your HubSpot Journey

What is HubSpot Coaching?


If you are a busy Marketing Manager or work for a B2B Technology Company that's looking to get some of your HubSpot questions answered in the most simple yet efficient way, then our HubSpot Coaching is for you.

This new starter offering is a simple, first step for you to engage with, get value from and expand if appropriate, your HubSpot knowledge.

The HubSpot Coaching will be a weekly call on Zoom with Certified HubSpot Consultants with the aim to:

Go through one or two key items in each call and provide guidance on how to achieve those items needed or solve any problems that need to be fixed. 

Could include some implementation done on the call e.g setting up a dashboard, editing a template, etc.

Who is the HubSpot Coaching ideal for?


HubSpot Coaching is ideal for:

  • Marketing managers

  • Mid-large B2B companies

HubSpot Coaching

What do customers say?


Peter and Doro from FireMate chat about their HubSpot Coaching experience:


What's included in the HubSpot Coaching?


The HubSpot Coaching includes a weekly call via zoom with Certified HubSpot Consultant - Craig  Bailey, where he'll review your HubSpot Portal while going through any key items that may need improvement and provide recommendations. He will walk you through the findings and answer any questions you have.

  • Call with Craig
  • Solve one or two key questions or problems you may have
  • Give a few tips
  • Could include some implementation eg setting up a dashboard, editing a template, etc


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HubSpot Coaching

HubSpot Areas Reviewed

Naming Conventions

Settings and Options

Lists and Filters


Active Lists


Lead Scoring



Pop-Up Forms


Page Performance

Content Strategy

Competitor Tracking

Reporting Dashboards

And more

What's NOT included:

Any additional implementation work would be separate from the calls (and charged separately).

How much does it cost?


Pricing is fixed at $4,000 + GST for companies with a reasonable range of contacts, lists, forms, pages, workflows and emails.

Since it's limited to one session a week, any additional implementation work would be separate from the calls (and charged separately).


What are the benefits?


Some of our offerings can be quite complex and overwhelming and if you're looking to just start with simple, entry-level training on how to get started, then our HubSpot Coaching will work for you.

Our highly talented coaches will efficiently answer whatever enquiries you may have and slowly but efficiently help you reach your marketing goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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If you'd like to discuss whether HubSpot Coaching is a fit for you and your business, please fill in the form. We'll be in touch to chat through in more detail.