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Episode 255: Fortune Cookie Tweets, HubSpot Workflow Minimaps & HubSpot Task Queues

This edition we dive into Fortune Cookie tweets are gold, The power of HubSpot Task Queues, How to measure content performance, and more!

by XEN Systems on 30 July 2021 1:54:11 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, General, digital marketing, digital strategy, internet trends

5 Key Takeaways From Mary Meeker's Internet Trend Report 2019

Every year Mary Meeker shares her insight into the most important trends on the internet. We highlight 5 key takeaways that you can consider when planning your digital marketing activities.

by Kylie Browne on 11 July 2019 2:33:44 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, HubSpot, HubShots, digital marketing

HubShots Episode 71: Content Repurposing, and so much HubSpot Stuff

In this episode we dive into the updated HubSpot Certifications, explain how to make the most of content repurposing, and Craig goes off on a rant.

by Craig Bailey on 15 February 2017 2:46:45 PM
Tags: Strategy, content personalisation, digital marketing, digital strategy

Why Use Content Personalisation?

Content personalisation can be as simple as segmented and targeted emails, to as complex as delivering it through social media and dynamically served content whilst the customer is browsing on the web

by Kerry Butters on 26 April 2015 5:08:53 PM
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