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How Does the 5-Stage Plan Work?

There are five stages of HubSpot implementation that need to be put in place so you can get the most out of it.

Stage 1 Foundations
Stage 1

Make sure the basics are in place.

Stage 2 Track Everything
Stage 2
Track Everything

Ensure every page view, email open, ad click, sales interaction, social engagement and support activity is tracked.

Stage 3 Automation
Stage 3

Get all your key marketing, sales and service processes automated, with the right people notified and your contacts nurtured.

Stage 4 Attribution
Stage 4

Be able to confidently identify what is working and why.

Stage 5 Continuous Improvement
Stage 5
Continuous Improvement

You have a clear, proactive strategy for business growth and are empowered to make it happen.

XEN's knowledge of all things HubSpot and their ability to transform a complex project into some simple steps have been invaluable during our HubSpot journey so far. We have recommended and will continue to recommend XEN.
Peter Geale
Peter Geale
XEN continually take the time to understand why and guide us in the right direction. Craig has been instrumental in our adoption of HubSpot and the success we've seen. I'm certain that we wouldn't be in the favourable position we are in today without XEN.
Michaela Murray
Michaela Murray
XEN provided great advice on strategy and also managed the site redesign plus HubSpot rollout. The project was a big success and we continue to rely on XEN for expert advice and assistance. We've been impressed with their comprehensive knowledge of HubSpot.
Malcolm Macnaughtan
Malcolm Macnaughtan