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HubSpot Ignition

Expert onboarding, setup and optimisation of your new HubSpot portal


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What is the HubSpot Ignition?

The HubSpot Ignition is a tailored HubSpot onboarding service to help companies accelerate their marketing strategy, HubSpot implementation and HubSpot activity.

We work with you and your sales & marketing teams to plan, prioritise and set up your HubSpot installation.

We are then on call to guide you with any training and ongoing implementation questions.

You've made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure you are putting it to optimal use.

Ideal for new HubSpot customers.

What You Get in the HubSpot Ignition

  • Tailored 3 month onboarding plan

  • The HubShots Framework as a 5-stage plan for your business to get the most out of HubSpot

  • Weekly WIP (work in progress) meetings to keep your onboarding on track

  • Weekly training sessions tailored for your sales and marketing teams

  • Access to our super responsive HubSpot Specialists and Strategists
  • Ongoing support after Ignition via our Virtual HubSpot Manager or On-Demand services

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What You Get in HubSpot Ignition brochure

Current State

Using a legacy CRM or spreadsheets.

No tracking across marketing, sales and service activities.

Lots of manual work and disgruntled users.

Future State

Your HubSpot Portal foundations are in place following best practice.

You are tracking all key interactions including page views, email opens, ad clicks, social media engagements, sales activities and support conversations. 

All of your key marketing, sales and service processes are automated, with the right people notified and your contacts nurtured.

You are set up for success to get the most out of HubSpot.

Your expert HubSpot team

We've been using HubSpot as our own CRM platform since 2012 and serving HubSpot customers since 2013, across a range of industries and company sizes.

As a XEN customer you gain access to an experienced, highly certified team of HubSpot specialists and strategists.

XEN, along with Search and Be Found, are the team that produce HubShots, the #1 HubSpot focussed podcast in Australasia.

HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia HubSpot Certification - HubSpot Expert Australia


Here's the key deliverables and outcomes for your HubSpot portal:

Fully Setup and Optimised HubSpot Portal

Marketing Assets Ready

Process Automation in Place

Staff Trained and Informed

Example HubSpot Ignition Timeline

A 3 month onboarding plan tailored to your company's priorities.

Onboarding and Quick Wins

  • Stage 1 items of the HubShots Framework

  • HubSpot portal and settings

  • HubSpot tracking code on website

  • Training on connecting email in HubSpot and using the CRM

Marketing Enablement

  • Stage 2 items of the HubShots Framework

  • Marketing tools (campaigns, social, ads, email)

  • Native integrations

  • Reports and Dashboards

Sales Enablement

  • Stage 3 items of the HubShots Framework

  • Sales Sequences

  • Call logging

  • Sales automation

Setting up your HubSpot portal correctly from the start will ensure you maximise your HubSpot experience

XEN Solar is a HubSpot Platinum Partner

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner with +50 certifications, and hosts of the podcast HubShots, our team of HubSpot experts will help you unleash the power of HubSpot.

Technical expertise across the whole team

Our digital strategists are also technical experts across HubSpot, Google, Social, Reporting and Marketing technologies.  Hence, our strategic guidance is backed by technical research, implementation experience and proven results.

HubSpot Platinum Certified Partner

XEN is a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner and helps companies to optimise their HubSpot platform and maximise results.

XEN's knowledge of all things HubSpot and their ability to transform a complex project into some simple steps have been invaluable during our HubSpot journey so far. We have recommended and will continue to recommend XEN.
Peter Geale
Peter Geale
XEN continually take the time to understand why and guide us in the right direction. Craig has been instrumental in our adoption of HubSpot and the success we've seen. I'm certain that we wouldn't be in the favourable position we are in today without XEN.
Michaela Murray
Michaela Murray
XEN provided great advice on strategy and also managed the site redesign plus HubSpot rollout. The project was a big success and we continue to rely on XEN for expert advice and assistance. We've been impressed with their comprehensive knowledge of HubSpot.
Malcolm Macnaughtan
Malcolm Macnaughtan

HubSpot Ignition

$5,000 - $32,000


Talk with an Advisor

For setting up new HubSpot portals for using the following HubSpot packages:

Marketing Hub Pro or Enterprise
• Pro: from $6,000
• Enterprise: from $12,000

Sales Hub Pro or Enterprise
• Pro: from $2,000
• Enterprise: from $4,000

Service Hub Pro or Enterprise
• Pro: from $2,000
• Enterprise: from $4,000

CMS Hub - using CLEAN theme

Ignition Scope


Inclusions and Exclusions

We highly value our customer relationships and we do our best to make sure you're happy with the work we do. We find it helps to make sure we are both on the same page from the start about what's included and what's not to avoid any confusion later on.

What's included:
  • Guidance: We're available for advisory sessions to guide you in your usage of HubSpot. From initial audits of your portal through to regular strategy sessions for how you can further use the tools, it's all included.
  • Training: Regular training to your team(s) is included. We'll train your team across any areas of marketing, sales, service and CMS functionality.
  • Settings: We configure your portal settings according to best practice.
  • Objects: We set up required custom properties for your objects including contacts, companies, deals and tickets.
  • Best practices: We'll set up and train you on everything from naming conventions to managing your marketing contacts.
  • Campaign assets: We'll build out your marketing and sales campaign assets including pages, lists, forms, workflows, emails, CTAs, reports, dashboards, sequences and pipelines.
  • Automation: We'll automate processes to unlock efficiency - so your team can focus on being as effective as possible.
  • Attribution: Integration with your advertising platforms to ensure all activity is captured. And then actionably reported on via custom reports and dashboards.
  • Analytics & Reporting Setup: Tracking in place with analytics views, integrated with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console as required.
What's excluded:
  • Graphic Design: We include basic look and feel setup within HubSpot (eg colours and fonts), and initial design of landing pages and email templates. Further custom design work is not included.
    If required, we recommend our sister company - XEN Create - who specialise in graphic design and website design.
  • Copywriting: In-depth website copywriting (eg sales copywriting) is not included.
    If required, we can recommend external copywriters for you to consider.
  • Paid Advertising management: We don't manage advertising campaigns (ie. Google Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook advertising, etc), but we do work closely with your advertising agency or team to ensure results are integrated into your HubSpot portal.
    If required, we can recommend paid media agencies to consider.
  • Custom website themes: We only use Themes from the HubSpot Marketplace for all page development. We don't build custom templates. We typically use CLEAN theme - the best selling theme on the HubSpot marketplace.
  • Custom integrations: We only have expertise across the HubSpot Marketplace integrations. We don't build custom integrations.
  • In-person training and workshops: We are happy to accommodate in-person meetings where possible and where appropriate. If we agree on an in-person meeting/workshop, our time spent travelling will be charged on top of your project cost.
  • Custom documentation: We provide training videos, slide decks and process documents where appropriate but we don't develop, manage or maintain custom documentation for your HubSpot portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot Ignition Pricing

The estimated cost will depend on the number of hubs you want us to set up, the number of contacts you need migrated and your desired level of automation. 

Ignition pricing ranges from AUD $5,000 to $31,000 (plus GST for Australian customers).

Simply select your requirements in the four questions below and we'll estimate your Ignition price.

Note: this is an estimate only - we like to chat further with you to confirm your requirements - but it will put you in the right ballpark.




[1] Hubs: This helps us understand the scope of areas we'll set up for you.
Just include the Hubs you'd like us to look after (eg it is fine to just have us manage your Marketing hub, even if you have other hubs)

[2] Contacts: This helps us estimate the level of contact migration required, as well as segmentation and typical management required (Include all contacts ie marketing and non-marketing).

[3] Automation: This helps us understand how much focus we'll put into automating your business processes
- Basic: includes simple automation (eg thank you emails, internal notifications)
- Standard: includes nurture sequences, setting lifecycle stages, branching, deal pipelines, ticket pipelines
- Advanced: includes full business processes including complex sales, marketing and service processes

[4] Campaigns: This helps us estimate the amount of work we'll put into building campaign assets in your portal.
Campaigns include all the standard assets ie landing pages, web pages, forms, lists, emails, CTAs, connecting ad platforms and reports.

*Prices are in AUD and exclusive of GST. Australian businesses will be charged an additional 10% GST.


I'm Interested - What's the Next Step?


If you are interested in chatting further about the HubSpot Ignition offering:

Contact us for more information about our HubSpot Ignition service


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The first step we always start with is exploring your requirements and quickly confirming whether we think we're going to provide value to you.

If we don't think you'll get value, we'll advise other options for you.

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