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Jon Capistrano

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Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, HubSpot, Customer Service, intelligence, AI, bots, chatbots

Using Bots In Your Business To Drive Customer Growth

Through messenger applications, customers are able to talk “directly” to the business or brand whenever they have inquiries or issues that need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

by Jon Capistrano on 25 May 2018 7:00:03 AM
Tags: SEO, Strategy

Google Update Focuses on Link Building Misuse

Google Update Focuses on Link Building Misuse

by Jon Capistrano on 3 June 2017 9:10:42 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

Inbound Marketing: Identifying Your Buyer Personas and How to Market to Them

Leads and buyer personas are very important and useful in understanding the purchasing behaviour and other buying considerations of potential buyers.

by Jon Capistrano on 5 April 2016 3:56:23 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The term “inbound marketing” was first used by HubSpot founder Brian Halligan in 2005. The concept of inbound marketing states that you can attract customers and prospects naturally by providing quali

by Jon Capistrano on 31 March 2016 1:41:22 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, General

Better Web User Experience Through Content Personalisation

Targeting segments of your users with more updated and relevant content is a big part of digital communications like email, blogs, websites and other forms of internet advertising.

by Jon Capistrano on 19 March 2016 3:35:50 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, Web

The Power And Effective Reach Of Content Personalisation

Personalisation should start with understanding how your target niche wants to engage with you and your brand specifically, with data collection and communication preference.

by Jon Capistrano on 6 November 2015 5:12:03 PM
Tags: Social, instagram

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram Now

If your brand can convey captivating visuals and provide high levels of engagement, success in your Instagram marketing strategy will not be far behind.

by Jon Capistrano on 10 April 2015 9:05:40 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, influencer

How To Find Industry Influencers And Get Them To Share Your Content

Brands need to work hard to build trust with consumers. Industry influencers will work in your favour, increasing sales, loyal followers and industry contacts.

by Jon Capistrano on 4 April 2015 4:09:46 PM
Tags: Strategy

How Your Content Marketing Failure Can Lead To Success

You can choose to use failure as an effective tool for learning, expanding your experiences, and helping you move closer to your goals.

by Jon Capistrano on 4 March 2015 4:55:49 PM
Tags: Social, youtube

How To Create YouTube Videos To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Website

Creating a YouTube presence for your business is one of the most popular marketing strategies to increase both your ROI and traffic. Here's 8 tips for boosting your YouTube presence.

by Jon Capistrano on 22 February 2015 2:45:15 PM
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