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Kerry Butters

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Tags: Marketing Manager, Social

A Quick Social Media Primer for Marketing Managers

Social media is a powerful inbound marketing tool, but the number of platforms makes it a little daunting when it comes to taking the social plunge.

by Kerry Butters on 3 October 2015 8:01:58 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

5 Key Inbound Marketing Considerations for Marketing Managers

Today it’s vital for an organisation to use inbound marketing to get ahead. We discuss the key tactics you’ll need to employ to ensure inbound success.

by Kerry Butters on 2 October 2015 9:21:09 AM
Tags: Digital Manager, SEO

How Content Marketing and SEO Overlap

Whilst there are key differences between SEO and content marketing, they are closely linked and together can lead to online marketing success.

by Kerry Butters on 21 September 2015 9:12:10 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

Agile Marketing: What is it and Why Should You Apply It?

Marketers can apply agile practices to their own campaigns to grow businesses, maintain social platforms and keep customers happy.

by Kerry Butters on 19 September 2015 1:51:36 PM
Tags: SEO, Web Analyst

Why Have I Been Hit With a Google Penalty? A Guide

Getting hit by an algorithmic penalty can affect your traffic and leads. To recover from a penalty, you need to know what caused it and how to solve it.

by Kerry Butters on 14 September 2015 1:46:44 PM
Tags: Social, twitter

New Report Find 93% of B2B Companies Favour Twitter

A new report has found that 93% of companies cite Twitter as their favoured social media marketing platform, with LinkedIn coming in at a close second with 91%.

by Kerry Butters on 9 September 2015 7:05:17 AM
Tags: General

Alphabet and the New Google

Google has announced that it is to create a new company – called Alphabet – of which Google will in the future be a part.

by Kerry Butters on 25 August 2015 11:37:20 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, content strategy, social media

How to Carry Out Content Marketing on a Budget

Content marketing can be expensive, but if it gives your business a return on investment, then it’s worth it. Use my tips to help cut both time and costs and aim to create as much content as you can.

by Kerry Butters on 23 August 2015 2:13:49 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, SEO

How Long Does Great SEO Take?

Good SEO takes time. It also improves with time. There are many considerations to be taken into account before a SEO strategy can reach its full potential.

by Kerry Butters on 8 August 2015 1:42:49 PM
Tags: Social, G+, G+ Photos, google

Google+ Photos Shut Down on August 1st

Google announced it has closed down Google+ Photos, instead focusing on making improvements to the new Google Photos service.

by Kerry Butters on 7 August 2015 1:45:05 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, General

How to Write a Case Study

Case studies are a valuable marketing tool which work to satisfy disinterested audiences. Write studies to show how well your business can work for others.

by Kerry Butters on 24 July 2015 3:29:45 PM
Tags: Digital Manager, Social

5 Social Media KPIs to Measure for Effective Strategy

We take a look at 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track and measure in order to improve your strategy and ROI.

by Kerry Butters on 23 July 2015 11:28:34 AM
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