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Roelen Fernandez

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Tags: Digital Manager, Social

If You Are A Business, Please Stop Doing This On Instagram

Instagram has an engagement level 15 times that produced by Facebook and a huge 40 times that produced by Twitter. Engagement is what makes social media campaigns tick, and with Instagram's 200 millio

by Roelen Fernandez on 10 November 2015 10:03:22 AM
Tags: Social, linkedin

How To Improve Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn - the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century? Quite possibly. Here's why.

by Roelen Fernandez on 7 April 2015 8:52:40 AM
Tags: SEO, mobile, google

Preparing Your Website for the Upcoming "Mobile-Friendly" Google Algorithm Update

Later this month we'll be seeing Google roll out its new algorithm favouring mobile-friendly sites and rewarding them with higher search result rank.

by Roelen Fernandez on 1 April 2015 2:32:33 PM
Tags: Social, snapchat

Clever Ways To Use Snapchat As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

An overview of what Snapchat is, whether you should use it, and some tips for how to use it as part of your company's marketing stategy.

by Roelen Fernandez on 20 February 2015 3:12:10 PM
Tags: Strategy

26 Online Marketing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

In your online marketing you should always be testing new approaches, ideas and strategies. And making mistakes in inevitable. But learning from the mistakes of others can fast-track your success. Her

by Roelen Fernandez on 28 July 2014 11:36:25 AM
Tags: Social

7 Key Things Facebook Announced at f8 Last Week

Move Fast with Stable Infra. A summary of the key announcements from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook at f8 2014.

by Roelen Fernandez on 5 May 2014 8:22:59 PM
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