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Tags: Marketing Manager, Social, Strategy, General, social media, social media marketing, social strategy

Effective Positioning Of Your Brand Or Business On Social Media

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, you may have to ask yourself as a digital marketing manager – “is your brand or business reaching the right people on the right platforms? Are the

by Tara Connolly on 27 April 2018 9:07:48 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, ecommerce, shopify, social media, Web

Why Shopify Needs To Be Part Of Your 2018 Ecommerce Plans

If you want to expand as an organization in 2018, you will need an ecommerce solution that offers you long-term scalability, supports automation, and generally gives your brand enough room to grow in

by Victoria Greene on 19 February 2018 2:15:09 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, HubSpot, HubShots, facebook, podcast, social media

HubShots Episode 104: Lead Ads in HubSpot, Mary Meeker’s Trend Report Revisited, Custom Owner Property in HubSpot

In this episode we chat through being remarkable, take a look at the HubSpot Facebook Ads integration, discuss a few insights from Mary Meeker's latest internet trends report, plus Craig gets all exci

by Craig Bailey on 20 December 2017 8:00:07 AM
Tags: Digital Manager, Marketing Manager, Social, facebook, social media

A Guide For Marketers After Facebook Internal Content Guidelines Leaked

What Marketers and Publishers Should Focus on When Sharing Content On Facebook.

by Kylie Browne on 24 May 2017 2:21:42 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Social, Strategy, HubSpot, Interesting Reading, General, marketing managers, snapchat, social media

Interesting Reading: Influencers and Homepage Assets

From social media to successful site design, XEN Systems has got you covered for this month's most interesting marketing reading.

by Tara Connolly on 7 April 2017 6:41:23 PM
Tags: Email, Marketing Manager, Social, Strategy, Interesting Reading, General, marketing managers, content strategy, email marketing, facebook, social media, twitter

Interesting Reading: Questions and Clichés in Marketing

We're almost at the end of February and all of the marketing managers among us should be well into another year of strategising, planning and optimising.

by Tara Connolly on 23 February 2017 1:57:28 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, SEO, Social, Strategy, HubSpot, Interesting Reading, General, inbound marketing, marketing 2017, marketing managers, marketing trends, facebook, inbound, social media

Interesting Reading: Marketing Trends & Success in 2017

Companies are focusing on how to market for success in 2017. XEN Systems takes a look at marketing trends and other valuable tips for successful campaigns.

by Tara Connolly on 23 January 2017 7:40:30 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, SEO, Social, Strategy, HubSpot, General, marketing managers, mobile, social media

Interesting Reading: SEO, Year in Review

Once again we're rounding up the best, most recent marketing-related posts on the web. With SEO trends changing and new strategies being implemented within organisations in 2016, it's time to get our

by Tara Connolly on 26 February 2016 4:34:26 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, content strategy, social media

How to Carry Out Content Marketing on a Budget

Content marketing can be expensive, but if it gives your business a return on investment, then it’s worth it. Use my tips to help cut both time and costs and aim to create as much content as you can.

by Kerry Butters on 23 August 2015 2:13:49 PM
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