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Kerry Butters

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Tags: Digital Manager, Marketing Manager

Should You Supplement Your Qualifications with Squared Online?

Squared Online aims to boost the knowledge, confidence and skill sets of marketing managers, as well as graduates and professionals looking to break into the industry. It aims to achieve this through

by Kerry Butters on 21 February 2016 4:50:31 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Social, Strategy

3 Ways to Improve Video Marketing in 2016

One aspect of digital marketing that has really taken off recently is video-based advertising. Facebook reported that video views on their flagship platform alone had risen from an impressive 4 billio

by Kerry Butters on 20 February 2016 10:31:18 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy, CX, UX, Web, website construction

How to Improve Your Site's Customer Experience (CX)

CX (Customer Experience), UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) have all seen a renewal in interest as disciplines in the last couple of years. For the uninitiated, it can be a confusing set of

by Kerry Butters on 18 February 2016 11:46:15 AM
Tags: Digital Manager, Marketing Manager, careers

So You Want to Be a Marketing Manager?

So, you have decided that you want to step into the exciting, dynamic and lucrative world of digital marketing. You should brace yourself, then, for it's a world of work that is challenging and intens

by Kerry Butters on 17 February 2016 6:32:39 PM
Tags: SEO, Web Analyst

The Big Google Update: What We Know So Far

The Big Google Update: What We Know So Far

by Kerry Butters on 21 January 2016 2:26:27 PM
Tags: Social

Is Peach a Social Game Changer for Marketing Managers?

Peach takes a little from Facebook and a little from Twitter to create something simple and lighthearted. But does it have promise as a marketing tool?

by Kerry Butters on 14 January 2016 5:15:14 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

What is Relationship Based Marketing?

Relationship marketing is the process of forming long-term and meaningful relationships with your customers - here's how it's done.

by Kerry Butters on 6 January 2016 1:20:55 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

An Introduction to Account Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM looks at targeting a specific buyer or set of buyers in one industry. It works by identifying which customers are the most valuable to the business. Once the market and customer has been identifie

by Kerry Butters on 20 December 2015 5:54:31 PM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

5 Essential Skills a Marketing Manager Must Have

Today, every marketing manager needs to know about all aspects of digital marketing and to make the most of it

by Kerry Butters on 18 October 2015 7:19:38 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Strategy

The Marketing Manager’s Guide to Integrating Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be extremely powerful when done right. However, as a fairly new discipline, it can be difficult to know where to start.

by Kerry Butters on 7 October 2015 8:37:46 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, Social, Twitter chat

How to Hold a Successful Twitter Chat

Marketing managers in the B2B space recently voted Twitter as the most useful social network for business.

by Kerry Butters on 6 October 2015 8:36:32 AM
Tags: Marketing Manager, SEO, wordpress

Top Tips for Speeding Up WordPress Sites

Marketing managers should be familiar with issues affecting site performance in order to confidently discuss with designers and developers.

by Kerry Butters on 5 October 2015 8:30:26 AM
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