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Highlight Your Products And Services With Linkedin Showcase Pages

By XEN Systems

Published: Friday 04 April 2014 | Last updated: Tuesday 04 September 2018

One of the newer features introduced by LinkedIn are Showcase Pages. They are essentially subpages of your company page, and are used for spotlighting specific aspects of your business. Each Showcase Page should focus on a single aspect such as a product, or service, or any other specific thing about your company that you would like to highlight.

Showcase Pages are especially helpful to visitors who want to quickly zero in on just one thing. Larger companies with popular, well known products, can give the products their own separate page. This spares visitors who are looking for a specific item, the effort of sifting through other aspects of your company that they may have little interest in. If you sell pet foods, then people looking for dog food can go straight to the dog food page, without having to see your bird food product. Similarly, people wanting to learn about your customer service, won't have to view your job listings.

As with anything posted online, if the search engines find it, it will get listed. So you can SEO your different Showcase Pages, by placing your keyword in the title and within the content. By listing specific services or products separately on their own properly SEO'd Showcase Page, there is a greater chance of it getting listed prominently in the search engines for its specific keyword.

Showcase Page Features

  • They have a larger hero image.
  • There is a feed where you can post links to your company site and blog.
  • They link directly to the company page.
  • Links to your other Showcase Pages are allowed.
  • They have a two column layout for content posts.
  • There is a Showcase Page analytics function for viewing traffic statistics.

Once you have set up your company page, creating a Showcase Page is easy:

  1. On the upper right side of the company page, you will see an edit button. Click the drop down arrow just right of the edit button.
  2. Click "create a Showcase Page."
  3. Add the desired content. Be sure to give the page a unique name. It can't have the same name as your company page.
  4. When you are finished, click publish.

You are allowed to create up to ten Showcase Pages.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are easy to set up, bring in targeted search traffic, and let you highlight the important aspects of your business. It's an effective marketing tool and it's free.

Published: Friday 04 April 2014 | Last updated: Tuesday 04 September 2018

Tags: Social, Tidbits
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