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How To Set Up Download Tracking in elcomCMS

By Craig Bailey

Published: Tuesday 15 April 2014 | Last updated: Tuesday 04 September 2018

Setting Up Download Tracking in elcomCMS

One of the nice features in elcomCMS is it's ability to automatically insert Google Analytics tracking into documents.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Enable the Google Analytics _gaq.push in Global Site Settings

elcomCMS Global Setting for Google Analytics

2. When adding/inserting a document into an article, tick the 'Enable google Tracking' checkbox (if it isn't already ticked)

Enable Google Analytics tracking in elcomCMS document manager

Viewing in Google Analytics

3. Downloads will appear as Pageviews in your Google Analytics reports

Each time a file is downloaded it is logged as a 'page view' in analytics.
You can filter the list of pages (eg using a part of the download filename):

Google Analytics Pageviews filter by PDF

4. You can also use widgets in your dashboards to show top downloads

Use a filer such as 'only show' and 'PDF' to highlight just the PDF downloads.

Google Analytics Widget for showing downloads

Here's how the widget will look in a Google Analytics dashboard:

Google analytics widget

Published: Tuesday 15 April 2014 | Last updated: Tuesday 04 September 2018

Tags: elcomCMS
By: Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey

Craig is the founder and CEO of XEN.

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