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Episode 287: INBOUND22 Thoughts

Episode 287: INBOUND22 Thoughts

Welcome HubShots Episode 287: INBOUND22 Thoughts

This edition we talk about INBOUND22 and dive into:

  • In-person versus Online format
  • Theme: Connectedness
  • Topics: 
    • Data confidence
    • Communities
  • Takeaways
  • Your next steps


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Recorded: Tuesday 13 September 2022 | Published: Friday 16 September 2022

INBOUND22 Thoughts

This episode of HubShots is different to our usual format. This week Ian and I put our usual 'Shots' based list to the side and instead had an ad-hoc chat about our impressions of INBOUND22 - HubSpot's massive event in Boston, that was held last week.

We chatted through the main themes presented in the keynote, and a few of our initial takeaways.

The show notes below are simply some of the screenshots we refer to in both the podcast (listen to it here) and the YouTube show (watch it here).

You can view the slide deck we use in the YouTube show here.

In-person versus On-demand

Since this was a combined in-person and on-demand event it was interesting to ‘feel’ the difference.

I’m used to watching YouTube videos that are polished and efficient. The live experience highlights just how inefficient in-person events are. Keynotes that take 20 mins to deliver in person would be achieved by a 10 min produced video.

The in-person presentations usually dumb down the content to cater for the audience mix - since you can’t easily stop and rewind or pause like you can on YT.

Which raises the question - why attend events in-person if they are so inefficient?

As we discuss in the show - attending in-person is less about the content, and more about the connections...


Which brings us to the central theme of the event: Connecting.

We start with the problem: Disconnect


Problem: Disconnect

The following screenshot is from HubSpot's page summarising the event:

A Shift in the Tide


Yamini's Keynote

HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan kicked off the event discussing the problems of disconnection across platforms, data and people. Here full keynote is available on YouTube


Yamini's keynote

Data Confidence

Data issues are still a big problem

business pain point


data confidence

Yamini's Keynote

HubSpot's Commerce-powered CRM

Yamini's keynote

commerce-powered CRM


HubSpot's CPO Stephanie Cuthbertson was next in the keynote, with a session on product direction (aimed at solving disconnect) and some of the key features. Her entire keynote is also available on  YouTube:

Stephanie's session on product


Product announcements included a big section on improving data confidence

During her keynote she made reference to a bunch of data confidence tools rolling out - many of which you can request to join the beta - here's the HubSpot community post outlining them all:


New Quality Tool

New Quality Tool



The final part of the keynote was HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah chatting about the power of community.

Definition: Community = a collection of people with common interests (or characteristics)

Dharmesh shared how online communities he was part of 20 years ago are the foundation for where he is today. His full session is available on YouTube here

Keynote from Dharmesh

Keynote from Dharmesh

Dharmesh finished his session announcing, which you can join today.

Connect with other industry experts so that you can grow and learn from each other.




Some of the key takeaways that Ian and I chat through in the show (the screenshots will make sense if you listen to the episode) include:

Privacy is queen

Privacy is queen


Reach and re-engage existing customers

Reach existing customers


Aside: this was probably my favourite session - you can view inside the INBOUND On-Demand portal (if you registered).

Leadership lessons with Brian Halligan

Leadership lessons with Brian

BTW our interview with Brian Halligan back in 2017 is still relevant (check it out in Episode 100 here)


The "Seller Free Economy" - and the Future of Sales and Marketing as We Know It

Marcus Sheridan is at the top of his game. Even if you aren't particularly interested in the topic (and if that's you then why?) then just watch him to learn about how to be an amazing presenter:

Marcus Sheridan

become voice of trust


Dream BIG

A really nice quote to finish the keynote:

Keynote from Dharmesh



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