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Episode 191: Workflows are all Go, Chrome Third Party Cookie panic

Episode 191: Workflows are all Go, Chrome Third Party Cookie panic

Welcome to HubShots Episode 191: Workflows are all Go, Chrome Third Party Cookie panic

This episode we chat about Workflow Go Actions, Third Party Cookies and what Chrome’s upcoming crackdown on them means, plus Instagram ECommerce. Oh, and McMuffins!

Listen to the episode here:

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Recorded: Thursday 20 February 2020 | Published: Friday 28 February 2020

Shot 1: Growth Thought of the Week

Connect with us on LinkedIn

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn here:

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Shot 2: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

Workflow Go Actions now in Contacts!

hubspot go action


Action: review and clean up your workflows!

Shot 3: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

Collecting an organisation specific lead source as a contact property (like HubShots lead source), in a dropdown. Why?  Because you may want to track other activities, like radio, magazine ads, foot traffic, partner referrals etc.

One way we have used it is when people don’t convert on the builder’s website we use that to remarket to potential customers to visit the display home and get the sales team in the home to ask where people found them.

Shot 4: HubSpot Extra of the Week

HubSpot and cookies:

What did Google and Apple announce?

Google announced a new version of Chrome last year that would stop sending third-party cookies in cross-site requests unless they’re secured and flagged using an IETF standard called SameSite.

Apple, at their developer conference last June, announced a new version of Intelligent Prevention Tracking: the system that limits ad functionality on its native browser, Safari. The new version cracks down on first-party cookies.”

Nothing to worry about in terms of Hubspot tracking script in Chrome.

However, for Safari:

“The biggest change with the newest ITP update is that first party cookies stored in Safari that are unused for seven days will be deleted. This means that visitors who don't return to your website within seven days will look like new visitors to HubSpot (or any other analytics tool). That means that your “unique visitor” or “new visitor” metrics may rise. In addition, you’ll likely see less browsing history in the contact records of Safari users.”

Shot 5: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

Notifications for assigning Support Forms into Conversations

Thanks to Chris Higgins from Electric Monk who alerted us to this one.

Checking this further in Slack - we get notifications of team inbox email conversations, but not for support form conversations.

Doesn’t seem to be an option for it yet:

hubspot conversation notifications

Shot 6: Marketing Tip of the Week

Brand reinforcement

4. Iconic Stacks McMuffin Situ 1

Shot 7: Insight of the Week

Instagram ecommerce example

Just wait until Instagram adds native payment within the platform

Shot 8: HubSpot Throwback of the Week

Improved suggestions in SEO  &

Create automated emails faster with plain text emails in Workflows

And how far we have come since then!

Shot 9: Resource of the Week

Yet another Chrome SEO extension

Quick way to see top level items including Title, Headers, images, internal links.

Shot 10: Quote of the Week

“It's not an experiment if you know it's going to work. “

  • Jeff Bezos


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. “

  • Jeff Bezos

Shot 11: Podcast Episode of the Week

Enjoyed listening to David Selinger’s story.

  • He was an early employee at Amazon — working under Jeff Bezos
  • He co-founded Redfin (now a $2.4 billion company)
  • He is now inventing the next BIG thing in home security

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Episode 191 Workflows are all Go, Chrome Third Party Cookie pani

Full Transcript of the Episode

- [Ian] Hi Everyone, welcome to HubShots, episode 191. In this episode, we chat about workflow go actions, third-party cookies, and what Chrome's upcoming crackdown on them means, plus Instagram E-commerce. And oh, Craig, I'm feeling like a McMuffin. You're listening to Asia-Pacific's number one, HubSpot focus podcast, where we discuss HubSpot's tips, tricks, features and strategies for growing your sales and marketing results. My name is Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found, and with me is Craig Bailey from XEN Systems. Hi Craig.

- [Craig] Well good but you've got me thinking about McMuffins now, and so coming up in shot seven, we're gonna talk about quite a brilliant.

- [Ian] The billboard.

- [Craig] Branding billboard ad.

- [Ian] Now listeners, thank you for those who have connected with us on LinkedIn. And if you haven't, please connect with us and send us a note to say that you listen so that we know that you've actually listened to the podcast. That would greatly help us. Because we love to help you guys.

- [Craig] Hey, have you had many connections lately?

- [Ian] I've had a couple Craig, but I.

- [Craig] I've had so many people connecting with me on LinkedIn, and I'm like, "Oh wow."

- [Ian] You're famous Craig.

- [Craig] Well, but then, I would say probably 80% of them. Then, as soon as I connect, they reply, "Oh, thanks for connecting here. "I'm gonna sell something at you," and.

- [Ian] Yeah, yeah, that's happened.

- [Craig] I was like, why is this suddenly rammed up in this, someone found the LinkedIn profile we put in the show notes. I'm just getting spammed, I don't know why it's picked up, anyway.

- [Ian] So Craig...

- [Craig] Well just let me say to the nice listeners who have connected, I do appreciate connecting with you. Thank you and for the nice comments.

- And for not immediately trying to sell me something.

- [Ian] And Craig, our growth thought of the week, what do you think that should be? I think you should be focus. And why I say is like we're halfway through a quarter essentially, in 2020, and I just want people to understand that it's really important to stay focused, because you might have started with some great plans. And you might be thinking, I'm thinking about what's coming up, and actually forgetting about what's actually important now. So, I really wanna encourage people stay focused, go back and review your plans. Pull that sheet of paper out that you wrote plans on. If you've got it on your computer, stick it somewhere, I now noticed, you, Craig, have stuck it right in front of your monitor. So, it's right in your field of vision, and I think it's great. Just need to refocus, be aware of what you need to do, and say no stuff, you've told me that I really well, so thank you.

- [Craig] Oh wow, and thank you for reminding me about that. And of course, I've just had a weekend away with my business coach, and getting back to focus on things, and that's why I've got it stuck right above my monitor, the 10 key things, that I need to focus on. And you're absolutely right, the key to focus is saying no to more things.

- [Ian] All right, Craig, have a swap marketing feature of the week, and we love this, don't we? And I just stumbled upon this recently when I was fixing up a workflow for a customer of ours, and I saw the go action in contact work was, I got so excited, Craig.

- [Craig] Oh, I know, and so listeners, if you're a new HubSpot customer, you might have had this in your portal for a while, even in contact workflows and you'll be thinking, what has been here for ages, how come, it's the two turkeys podcast.

- [Ian] The two turkeys good.

- [Craig] Well, here's the situation. HubSpot has basically replaced their workflow engine for contacts over the past year and so why I don't know when it's, I think it was even like the middle of last year. They've got a new workflow engine for contacts. So if you you had a portal last year, a new portal then, you got the new workflow engine underneath it. But for those of us who have had HubSpot for many years, we've had the old one while they've tested thoroughly that moving things over to us legacy users, I guess, doesn't break anything. And I have to say it's been seamless. If didn't know about this back channel kind of explanation of what's been going on I would have had no idea. But we finally got it in our own contact right place. It's actually been in deals and other workflows for a while. But yeah, it's just contact. So all the old HubSpot diehards, we've got it now. Yay.

- [Ian] So Dharmesh, if you're listening, thank you. Thank you to the product team and the development team, they've done a great job.

- [Craig] I have to say things like this the migration people, you and I are both software engineers and our backgrounds. So we realize the amount of work that goes on to make something appear like nothing has changed, but it actually has. This is pretty good. I've had no side effects. I haven't noticed any problems with it. It's yeah, it's really good.

- [Ian] All right, Craig HubSpot sales pitch of the week. And I want to say this is about collecting organization specific lead sources as a contact property. So generally, I would name this in the show notes. I put one as the HubShots, lead source. So you make it specific to your business. And have a drop down with the particular lead sources that you would want to track. So for example, I'll use an example as being a builder that we work with. They run radio ads, they run magazine ads, have display homes that people walk into in a display village, plus a few other things, referrals being another one, let's say. So we track this because one thing that I've been doing is, people land on the side, they look around, they don't convert, they don't put a contact form in. We actually run a remarketing ad to tell those people to visit a display home. And it's really clear, visit one of our displays, click the link here's the locations. And then what we did was we put this in this particular contact property and we train the sales team in the display house, to when people walked in, they say oh, how did you find us? And then when they asked that question, some people would say, oh, I looked, I saw social ad, or I saw, I saw you on a search. But how we check the effectiveness of the ad was they say I actually saw an ad to visit the display home. And so I know it's working. So that's why I said, this is really key to understanding how people are finding you. And if it if people are actually calling then that should be another one that's in that list that whoever answers the phone, as she writes, that selects as an option, but then actually asked the question, a great way to understand which channel is producing results for you.

- [Craig] That's a really good tip. And a really good example of combining the online and offline because that's an offline activity really, coming into the spy home. And also a lot of times, we can't connect the dots, it's like oh, I saw you TV, I saw you on a bus, I saw you on a billboard, which might be coming up with later. So it's about closing that loop really. And I think what I really liked about you mentioning is that that then validated or confirmed that budget should continue to be spent in those channels because you're actually getting that verification that it worked.

- [Ian] So you know, it's really interesting, I was doing this little exercise with a customer of ours this week, because they changed their provider who was running some Facebook ads. And what they were doing was they were running the ads, they don't they don't HubSpot users. They're running ads contacts were coming in. So telling, telling the business we're working with, oh look, there's 10 contacts come in and say all right, but in our list, because the last conversion point was the next day, they think the last conversion, but first conversion point was Facebook. So thinking I'm going to attribute that but then what we found out when we looked at the contacts and we create a list saying are they actually interacted with this Facebook campaign, we actually found out half of those leads already existed in HubSpot from different sources somewhere walk ins, some had come from organic search some had come from a paid Google ad. But their last touch essentially for those five was a Facebook ad. So it was really interesting because they were saying, well, we've just got 10 leads, but no, they really got five and the other priority there. So it's really interesting because you see people have these multiple touch points along their journey and people forget like, in HubSpot, we're always looking at the first touch. But if you're running ads or you're looking at attribution, you'll actually see there are multiple touch points along their journey that people have before they even maybe inquire with you. All right onto a HubSpot extra of the week Craig. HubSpot and cookies now, you know what some people would ask me about this? What is going on with cookies?

- [Craig] I've had a few clients, a few savvy clients actually asked about this because they've heard that Chrome is cracking down on third party cookies. And so then they understandably think oh well, third party cookie. That's from a site that isn't my site. So therefore, HubSpot script tracking script that's from a different site that's not going to work on my site. Our Google Analytics isn't going to work Facebook pixels, not going to work et cetera, et cetera. So they get quite concerned understandably, about this. So nothing to worry about in HubSpot tracking, the new Chrome update, not going to be a problem. But we're going to link to a blog post that I already wrote on the HubSpot blog, where he breaks this down. And it's perfect for sending to your boss or to anyone on the team that's worried about it. He describes and explains the difference between first and third party cookies. He looks at what Chrome's requiring, which is basically an update to how you mark the cookie to mention that for security annotation. And then he also just makes mention of Safari's crackdown on cookies, which is actually far more impactful. It still will track but the problem with Safari is it actually deletes those cookies, after seven days. So it means if you're tracking visitors, Safari visitors, and they come back two weeks later, it'll actually look like a new visitor. So we lose a bit of tracking on Safari. Interestingly, in their, their blog posts, this is our but Safari is a distant fourth in terms of browser usage globally. I'm like, yeah, I don't know if this is just anecdotal confirmation bias. But I've been noticing when we're in our clients with our clients, when we're digging through the good quality leads, quite often they're Safari users. So volume might be lower, but quality. I think maybe that's just the clients we work with. But that does concern me. So I don't as easily dismiss Safari users are not being a problem that that's cracking down. But the summary is nothing to be worried about in terms of tracking for HubSpot tracking, or Google Analytics tracking. And there's a really good blog post that spells it all out if you want the details.

- [Ian] Really interesting considering Google has analytics and lots of analytics group style scripts running on track conversion.

- [Craig] Well, I mean that that should have been the giveaway from the start. There's no way Google's gonna update crime and break Google Analytics.

- [Ian] Oh, Google Ads checking?

- [Craig] Yeah, Google Ads checking. Yeah. But I think the way that Chrome when they initially did the announcement, which I think was it was before Christmas when I was reading about it. I was a little bit confused and concerned myself. I was like, what's going on? And it's because I think that announcement was written by developers not marketers. So the way it was written out was quite technical and kind of confusing for people who aren't necessarily used to those technical details. So thankfully, HubSpot has broken it down and made it clear.

- [Ian] Fantastic. Now, Craig, what's a hustler, gotcha of the week. Big shout out to Chris Hagens. Yes.

- [Craig] And thanks for listening, Chris, appreciate all your kind words and support over the years and he sent me through his gotcha. And this is a good one actually. And I actually checked this and tested out realize, yeah, and it's actually a problem. Now what it's to do with his notifications on certain types of conversations. So in HubSpot, you've got conversations, you may be aware that you can have a team email inbox, you can have a chat inbox, you can connect Facebook Messenger or have a chat widget pop up. And you can also have some support forms as an input into conversations. Here's the gotcha. When a team inbox, one comes in or a chat comes in, you can get a notification about that. But when a support form, conversation comes in, it doesn't notify you. So you want your regular notifications well that's Chris has highlighted this and he's actually pointed out to community articles. So you can go and vote it up and say We'd like this as a feature. I wish there was a way to say vote this up as a definite bug. But anyway, the feature is we want the feature would be to stop not. not notifying us. And in fact notify us as an option. I put a screenshot by the way of your notification option, so you can kind of get a sense where it should fit in. However, the other thing I tested is because we have all our conversations go to Slack, because well, I actually don't want email notifications, we just want it going to a Slack channel. So we have a few different, I guess conversations, but for our different businesses, one is for ASEAN ones for some others. And so we've got them set up to go to Slack channel. So we're always on Slack and we get our there's a new conversation coming in or whatever someone jumps in, to respond to it. Well, those support form ones don't come through the Slack either. Now it's possible I've missed something somewhere, because what is interesting is when the email notifications come in, those do go to Slack. However, when you look at the settings, it's it should seem as though only chat conversations would go to Slack. But I actually get team inbox ones come through. So perhaps there's another setting I've set somewhere, because they're all over the place, there's notifications here on your personal profile. And then there's other things on the conversations inbox setup.

- [Ian] Correct.

- [Craig] So it is kind of confusing. I've always found conversations to be a slightly non intuitive experience. I have to say, out of character for HubSpot, but when you do get it working, it works beautifully. Anyway, great gotcha by Chris. Thanks for sending that through. Thanks for listening and listeners go and vote it up to get that feature added that would be wonderful.

- [Ian] Alright Craig on to our marketing tip of the week, we talk about brand reinforcement. Now you show me this ad, which is ad in the UK, right?

- [Craig] It is it's a billboard in the UK. It's hard to kind of explain this because it's visual. But why don't you try and describe the billboard?

- [Ian] Yes. So just think of the billboard as a very plain and it has five words from top to bottom right and nicely arranged, right aligned the first word says muffin. The second word says egg. The third one says sausage. The fourth one says cheese. And then we end up with a muffin Craig. What does that remind you of?

- [Craig] It's so brilliant this, because there is no branding.

- [Ian] That's right.

- [Craig] And if I mean some people would would not recognize it. But I think most people would say, Oh, that's McDonald's. That's a McMuffin there. But there's no macers logo. There's no use of the word McMuffin. The font is beautiful.

- [Ian] Yes, it's not even McDonald's font is it. There's nothing in there, it's very plain.

- [Craig] I'm not sure about that. But it is just this is a perfect brand, reinforcement. So yeah, what?

- [Ian] The colors are really interesting. Like the muffin is a muffin color. The egg is white. The sausage is a brownie color. The cheese is yellow and ending with a muffin on a dark brown background, which is really fascinating, right? So really, there's nothing on there that says it is McDonald's

- [Craig] There's nothing right, but if you mackers, and who doesn't I'd love to see some kind of power then how you could power to work out how many people understand it I would suggest that the majority of people would see this and go oh yeah, that's a McDonald's Egg McMuffin. Right? This is brand reinforcing this is not awareness. It's not like anyone doesn't know about it, but this is purely for people going along and going ah, you know what, I'm feeling hungry all of a sudden, and stopping in a mackers, that's what they do.

- [Ian] You know what, I wonder is this on a freeway somewhere in the UK on a motorway and not far from this billboard was at McDonald's. And now I know they saw an increase in sales.

- [Craig] I'd love to know that and I'm sure they track all of that very carefully. I'm sure they've got an answer to it, but this is I just love this.

- [Ian] It's gold.

- [Craig] It is gold. And and, I think it also for somehow it kind of positions McDonald's a little bit more up market for a McMuffin. Can you believe that? So anyway, why are we got this in the show? I don't know except, I was just really impressed with it. And also, I think to take your point, which is brand reinforcement, this is something that they would be testing and measuring, be running this billboard checking the response, does it impact sales and things like that? Be I hope they publish the results. I'd love to know.

- [Ian] All right Craig onto our inside of the week. You know, what I found interesting about this was I was reading this article, I can't remember where I found it. It's about Instagram e-commerce. And then I share with you and you said, oh, I was just reading that too. So we were either in the same newsletter. How fascinating is this? There's a link to this. And it's basically talking about young kids using Instagram as a platform to facilitate trade of clothing. I think it was. Was it secondhand clothing?

- [Craig] It is yeah. Well, this particular article is talking about school kids that go to their local thrift shop, get some clothes and then they package them up and sell them. And they're using Instagram for his visual capabilities to style it. And so here's what this one looks like he is a hoodie. You know this jacket. And these and they call it thrifty treads and things like that, because they're like 25 bucks. And what's really interesting is this whole what's, what's the word I'm after that means the process that they it's almost like.

- [Ian] You mean they have a worked out process for the sale?

- [Craig] Yeah, so there's an understood method of bidding and saying I will be this $5, 25 or there's a buy it now price which is the BIN the, price $28. And if you pay 28, that includes shipping if you and people bid on it until someone says I'll pay this and they win. And then...

- [Ian] It's all final.

- [Craig] Then it all goes into direct message, Dms, where they talk about payments. Things like that working out shipping details. And it's a bit of an honor system in a way because you could go and bid anything, just to disrupt them and wasting time, but there's an that people are engaged. I think that's really interesting. Here's the thing though, just and I hate to say it, the reason I keep my Facebook shares, even though they make me choke. It's just because as soon as I put a e-commerce, payments into the platform natively, it's like Instagram is going to be the shopping platform. Yeah, it's gonna be what saves Facebook in the long term. Instagram e-commerce. And it's amazing that it's still so clunky that they've got a DM this my Venmo details or PayPal details, or, can you DM me your shipping details and all that? Surely it's coming shortly, but it's just gonna be a buy button. And it'll include everything payment will be made on the platform. Shipping details straight there. You know the seamless experience we've had with Shopify, which does have some friction still in it. But if you're regularly logged into Shopify, it's across all the platforms. It's just seamless. It's almost like a textbook a thing, it's done. By the way I'm go the extra shout out to Justin and we'll put a put a link into his cocoa-semar Cocoa nips. How do you pronounce it by the way?

- [CIan] I think you did pretty good Craig. It's seamless.

- [Craig] In terms of seamless, and Instagram it's just the way it's gonna be.

- [Ian] It's right for the picking.

- [Craig] I mean everyone knows that Instagram is going to be the e-commerce platform. But anyway this is a classic example of, this is school kids by the way.

- [Ian] You know what I've taken my hats off to them. They were doing this in their breaks before school after school in between activities and making money I think the range from like 700 up to 1500 dollars a month we're making from this. You know what? I take my hats off to them for being entrepreneurial.

- [Craig] That's pretty good pocket money. can you discount put the bins and you get your pocket? No, thanks. Dad, I'm making a ton more money doing my little thrifty Instagram. But look, it's not just clothing, it's all kinds of things you can totally.

- [Ian] What's really interesting? I've just talking to a lot of my friends recently they're all going, oh, have you used Facebook marketplace? So fantastic. And they're actually now they used to use things like E-Bay, Gumtree with Australia. And they're all now just posting things on Facebook marketplace and getting them sold and then they're like, I don't even know this existed. But there you go. There's another one that's up for the picking right there. All right, Craig on to our HubSpot throwback of the week.

- [Craig] And this is where we just look at what HubSpot was announcing a year ago and what was on the cards then.

- [Ian] So there were two things they were improved suggestions in the SEO tool Craig, which we spoke about last week. And they were letting us create automated emails in plain text within workflows without having to actually go and create the email in the email editor.

- [Craig] And you know what I saw in that? Speaking of when we're looking at the HubSpot go action, a year ago when they announced it, you could do it in all the workflows except contact workflows, which would be coming soon. So that was another indication then that the contact workflows are in the older legacy workflow engine, I think. But yeah, just a little time saving features. It's funny when you look at all these things like some of those just a year ago.

- [Ian] I'm often amazed at those little incremental improvements that happened every month. Didn't happen quite so much every month, last year, but most months, and you see where we are today. Like we're having a whole different experience and a whole different conversation with prospective customers and existing customers, even just the things we can do with pop up forms, in terms of how we segment manage, show, not show et cetera. And I love that and that's what one of the things we've been doing, is going to all our customers that use it marketing professional enterprises like hey, instead of having these one dimensional pop up forms, let's create a series of them and start showing different messages, ask different questions at different times. And begin better customer experience. Now, Craig, you've got a resource of the week, which is yet another Chrome SEO extension.

- [Craig] I'm a sucker for Chrome extensions, SEO tools. This is one by detailed and it's quite a simple one a good one to use. I mean, I know many people use Moz one, there's tons of them. Sem rush and stuff.

- [Ian] Now why would they want to use this Craig?

- [Craig] Just for its simplicity. So what it does, it'll quickly tell you the page titles, keywords, articles. It'll actually spell out the headers on the page, internal linking things like that.

- [Ian] And why would someone use it?

- [Craig] So just a handy tool when you're analyzing a page I don't know if you ever do this, a client gets on this page and you just have a quick look to see if it's optimized how they've done things. It's just another tool for that. So you know, your your mileage may vary. Some people like those really detailed ones. This is quite a nice, simple well laid out one.

- [Ian] All right, Craig our quarter the week. They both by Jeff Bezos. And the first one is, it's not an experiment if you know it's going to work. That's what we say, test and measure right? I think that's what we've been talking about. Here's the bonus. We see our customers is invited guests to a party. And if we are the hosts, it's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better

- [Craig] Be a good host.

- [Ian] Now Craig you got a podcast of the week. And this is from an Marnarcadians podcast and he, interviewed a guy called David Salinger. And I really found fascinating he, he was an early employee at Amazon, when he was a kid. When I say kid, he was like, in his 20s. And he he worked directly with Jeff for like two years. Then he went on to co found a red fin, which is now $2.4 billion company. And he is now invented the next big thing in Home Security call Sentinel, where he's used artificial intelligence and what would be traditional security and made it really affordable. But having using AI to figure out when things are happening, and having live guards on these screens talking back to people. So, in essence, negating a lot of things that happened because people when they're seen and they're about to do something, if someone says, hey, I can see you Craig, put that parcel down. People go right, like they don't want to be caught. So having that live experience with somebody walking at any time, it was a really fascinating interview, how he had started that how he'd been at Amazon, the things he'd done with Jeff Bezos, some of the things that he had to go through, and how he got to how he got his start. It was really fascinating, like, very fascinating in understanding how life can change and the things that people can do and whether he would do it again. So I'd encourage you to listen to it.

- [Craig] That is definitely going straight onto the listening queue. And Sentinel, what a great name. It's seems like something out of Terminator, or the matrix or something.

- [Ian] You should go and watch the videos on the site. I was actually watching it at the end while we were preparing the show notes because I thought I've got to go watch he goes in, he's challenged at the end of his interview is go watch two videos and he goes, I don't know how you could not want to have the system after watching it, which is really fascinating. And there are some really good insights into understanding how he has tried to understand how people are buying his product or why they buy the product or what has been blockers in him getting them to buy the product. And you learn about the extensive research he's done how interview different security companies even went down to the fact of like, when you have a security guard on premise like so you hire someone who is sitting on a premise. He goes you know what, one of the key things I remember this morning was he was like, these guys know they've got to stay awake to to guard your property right? Because but to them it was actually not about guarding the property. That was not the first thing in their mind. The first thing in their mind was how do I stay awake for this entire period of time. So you know, two o'clock I'm doing push ups three o'clock, I'm doing sit ups, four o'clock, I'm doing something else five o'clock, I need to be having my coffee. And they were just more concerned about actually keeping themselves awake so they could do their job as opposed to, I need to do my job, which is really fascinating. And so it was like, well how do I solve this problem to this inherently really boring job that is almost soul destroying? Like, how do I make it better? And how do I make it efficient? And that's essentially what he's done with a subscription I think that starts at $50 a month which is like blows your mind.

- [Craig] Take my money.

- [Ian] That's what he said. He said after you watch it, you that's exactly what you're gonna say, sold Craig. Well, this is I hope you found this episode enjoyable. Please do connect with us. Send us a note that you listen to the episode. We'd love to hear feedback. We'd also love if you could share with one person that you know that would benefit from this.

- [Craig] You know what, send us an email with the word "Sentinel" in it, and we'll send you some stickers because you got some new stickers?

- [Ian] I do, I've got stickers.

- [Craig] New HubShots stickers.

- [Ian] That's right, send us your address in there too, with the word Sentinel as the subject. Well listeners until next time, have a good evening, and we'll see you next time. Craig.

- [Craig] Catch you later Ian.

- Hey there. Thanks for listening to this episode of HubShots. For show notes and the latest HubSpot news and tips please visit us at

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Episode 183: HubSpot ads reports on Dashboards, HubSpot template gotcha, CCPA

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