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Episode 245: HubSpot Form Tip, NPS Automation Tip, and Reducing your channels

Episode 245: HubSpot Form Tip, NPS Automation Tip, and Reducing your channels

Welcome to HubShots Episode 245: HubSpot Form Tip, NPS Automation Tip, and Reducing your channels

This edition we dive into:

  • Being mindful about the channels you put energy into
  • HubSpot Form flexibility with custom properties
  • Using the HubSpot keyboard on your mobile device
  • Setting Tasks based on NPS survey results
  • Can’t add a 3rd ad account in HubSpot Starter
  • Digital media consumption trends (from Deloitte)
  • Adding a goat to your next zoom call
  • ‘Hey guys’ and ‘Hi guys’ as a YouTube greeting
  • ARK Invest’s Big Ideas for 2021

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Recorded: Tuesday 11 May 2021 | Published: Friday 14 May 2021

Shot 1: Growth Thought of the Week

Pick your channels, eliminate the rest

I was listening to the latest episode of Joe Pulizzi’s content inc podcast this morning - it was a timely reminder about avoiding the trap of being everywhere.

Joe talked (again) about the need to be careful with how many channels you attempt to cover. Start with one, build an audience, then expand.

In the last episode of HubShots our quote of the week was from Greg McKeown, author of the excellent book Essentialism, in which he  focuses on working on only the essentials.

Putting these two thoughts together (be careful + be essential) made me reevaluate what I’m focussing my creator energies on.

Over the past few years I’ve grown better at simplifying - personally I’m off most social except Twitter these days, and whilst our agency does have a basic presence across all the main platforms it’s mainly so people can get a quick update - when it comes to focus, there’s only really a few key areas currently: our podcast, and our email list.

I’m very focussed on the podcast and the weekly email (ie the show notes you are currently reading). That said, I am starting to plan a move into video (ie a YouTube channel) - it’s something I’m thinking carefully about, and will be doing in a very efficient, strategic way. Interestingly, it has come about not because of trends and planning, but instead based on feedback from clients - they like the (very few) videos I’ve done. They are high value, and easily consumable. I’ll be recording a few more, as inspiration takes hold.

What is your focus at the moment? Which channels are you putting energy into? Are there too many?

If so, what will you eliminate this week?

Reminder: 28-Day Marketing Challenge

Our 28-Day Marketing Challenge is open for registrations of interest. Details here.

Shot 2: Quick Shots of the Week

Here’s a few quick items of interest we noticed:

  • HubSpot has updated the landing page editor to add smart content functionality to all modules! Awesome - we’ll be chatting about this in a future episode.
  • Track replies to Marketing Emails in HubSpot - this is big, and we’ll discuss this a main Shot in coming weeks, but just noting it as a quick shot this episode. Here’s a quick screenshot of how it appears in reports (this is from one of my wife’s businesses that we manage in HubSpot):

Shot 3: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

HubSpot Form Tips for Selection Lists

Thanks to Ian for reminding me of this back in episode 242.

When editing a form field, even when using an existing custom property, you can override what shows in the form. For example, when editing the form you could delete some of the property entries (eg see screenshot below) and this will only impact the form - the original custom property won’t be affected.

This is a powerful feature of the forms editor as it gives you maximum flexibility.

Shot 4: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

Using the HubSpot keyboard on your mobile device

You will have access to:

  • Meeting Links
  • Snippets
  • Quotes
  • Documents

Here are the instructions to set it up for your device.

This can be a massive time saver if you are speaking to a lot of people daily.

Shot 5: HubSpot Service Feature of the Week

Create Tasks based on NPS Survey results

NPS surveys allow you to create workflows based on the survey results.

As part of the workflow you can do some of the following:

  • Send an internal email
  • Create a task
  • Send an email to the person who responded

This is a much better process than exporting out results and sending around to your sales or customer support teams.

Remember you also have access to more options!

Now if you forgot to setup this automation you can do the following and create tasks from the contact view:

Shot 6: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

Inability to add a third ad account in Starter.

We found this out as one of our customers uses Sales & Service Professional along with Marketing Starter.  Needless to say we don’t manage ads in HubSpot but would love the ability to see the data!

Shot 7: Marketing Tip of the Week

Landing Page Tips

A useful thread on Twitter from Blake Emal covering landing page tips.

It starts with the most obvious: make your first heading (your H1) count! Obvious but often neglected.

Shot 8: Insight of the Week

Deloitte Media Trends

Deloitte have released a report on media trends. Access it here.

Of interest is the growing ease with which customers churn - from the report:

Persistent churn

With more streaming video services, people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage subscriptions, find the entertainment they’re looking for, and balance costs against their tolerance for advertising. We found that 66% of people were frustrated when content they wanted to watch was removed from a service, and 53% were frustrated by having to subscribe to multiple services to access the content they want. Consumers also face difficulties finding content—a challenge for providers spending billions on new productions. Among respondents, 52% found it difficult to access content across so many services, and 49% were frustrated if a service failed to provide them with good recommendations. These challenges reinforce subscriber churn. From October 2020 to February 2021, the churn rate for streaming video services held at around 37%.

37% churn! That’s massive.

And is indicative of a general behaviour everyone is adopting - there’s no loyalty if they don’t get what they’re looking for.

The above report may be focussed on video streaming, but the behaviour applies across all categories and will extend into business relationships as well. Consider this in your own ‘subscription offerings’- starting with the free subscriptions such as a newsletter or podcast, and then extending to monthly service offerings. Not providing value to your customers? Then live in fear.

Shot 9: HubShots Throwback of the Week

Via the HubSpot product updates blog.

This time a year ago HubSpot was releasing the product in Dutch.

Shot 10: Resource of the Week

Book a Goat for your Next Zoom Call

Yes, this is real, you can book a goat to join your next zoom call - perfect for team meetings!

There’s a number of goats to select from, personally I want to book Lola:

And don’t worry about the technology - from the site:

The goats are savvy in Zoom, Microsoft teams, Webex, Blue Jeans, Skype, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, Go To Meeting and Ring Central.

Shot 11: Quote of the Week

‘The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.’ Alvin Toffler

Shot 12: Bonus Links of the Week

Movie recommendation: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood (2019)

Wonderful movie with Tom Hanks playing Mr Rogers (Wikipedia, IMDB)

If you’ve seen it then you’ll know the ‘diner scene’. Just incredible.

Hey Guys - YouTube Greetings

The #1 greeting on YouTube videos (for the last 10 years) has been ‘hey guys’ - although it does change based on the category:

Notice that a slight variation: ‘hi guys’ (as opposed to ‘hey guys’) was #4.

Shot 13: Big Shots of the Week

ARK Invest Big Ideas 2021

Back in January ARK (an investment firm) released their Big Ideas deck (PDF here). Trung Phan has a good Twitter thread breaking down the main ideas.

Worth reading through to broaden your thinking around trends and changing behaviours.

For example, anything related to Deep Learning will have an impact on marketing - whether it’s via ad platforms, content creation, sentiment analysis, etc.

Also, ideas to challenge your thinking eg on slide 58 and following they discuss automation (robots, not email automation). They have a positive outlook (eg automation will transform jobs and increase employment) - whereas I personally have a much warier outlook. It’s good to be challenged.

There’s also the expected discussions around Bitcoin and crypto - if that’s your thing.

Also, lol, special bonus the report is copyright 2021-2025 (see last slide).

Shot 14: Follow Us on the Socials

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Full Transcript of HubShots Episode 245

- Hi, everyone. Welcome to HubShots episode 245. In this episode, we talk about HubSpot form tips, NPS automation, and reducing your channels, plus much, much more. You're listening to Asia Pacific's number one, HubSpot focused podcast where we discuss HubSpot tips, tricks and strategies for growing your sales, service and marketing results. My name is Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found. With me is Craig Bailey from XEN Systems. Hi Craig.

- I'm feeling picked up after those Byron Bay shortbread cookies. You probably want to know. Excellent.

- You look fantastic.

- Speaking of Byron Bay, shout out to Adam.

- Adam-

- Hello, Adam.

- There you go. How are you and Louisa?

- Always good talking to you. Now Craig, what's our growth thought of the week and this is talking about elimination.

- Elimination, picking your channels, listening to JPod's podcast content-

- Funny. I was doing the same thing this morning.

- Oh really?

- Yeah, isn't he good? And for listeners who haven't subscribed to his podcast, it's great. It's little, What? Five-

- Five minutes every Monday.

- Yeah, very good. Anyway, this morning he was talking about just being really strategic with the channels you use, and actually getting rid of stuff that you're not doing. So rather than doing, being everywhere, just focus on one or two channels and build up and expand. So have that on one hand. And then last episode, remember we were talking about that quote from Greg McKeown who wrote Essentials or Essentialism? And just this idea of just tripping back to the essentials. We had a quote last week which was, "If you don't know what the best thing you should be doing then the thing you need to be doing is working out what the best thing to do." Right? So putting those together I was really thinking, I'm really rethinking about my personal approach and also our agency's approach. And probably as listeners and you would know Ian, I've been really cutting back on social. So I'm really only just on a bit of Twitter and do a little bit of blogging, but from a company side, it's really. Although we have channels set up to kind of claim our brand we don't really do anything strategic except for the channels this podcast.

- Yes.

- And two: building the email list, and we do a little bit of Twitter. And then, the rest are just kind of, well they're just noise, really. I wouldn't follow our social accounts, frankly. Unless I wanted to know are you still around or just, you know general tips or, you know, it's not, it's not strategic. It's just kind of curation stuff. So I've been thinking about that and I'm like, yeah I'm going to double down on that. The only thing that we're thinking about is maybe a bit of video and building a YouTube channel, but again it's going to be really strategic.

- Yeah.

- And that has only come about because of what clients have been giving in terms of feedback. They actually say the videos I do, cause I normally do videos for clients.

- Yes. So they're not really out in public but I do actually record quite a few videos and I send them to clients, here's this how to do that. Here's a bit of a strategy piece, blah, blah, blah. They really like it, so I'm actually thinking of expanding that to be a bit more public and having a channel but that'll just be a very considered extension. And so overall I think thanks to Joe and that quote and just thinking about what we're doing, it's really about just getting back to the essentials being really focused, but in particular, getting rid of stuff like eliminating stuff. If you take all of this stuff that's just noise I'm actually thinking of pulling back on some social channels, like just get rid of them. They're just a distraction and we really need to focus.

- I couldn't agree more, Craig. I think people get caught in the vortex of we've got to be here, there and everywhere. And there's only so much of us to be here, there and everywhere. And I think you realize after we've been doing this for a while, that the wise thing is not to be everywhere at one stage, master something and move on to the next.

- Be really good in one place and people will value that and then it can expand.

- And also you build an asset.

- By the way, reminder our 28 Day Marketing Challenge, still open for registrations of interest. And thanks for those people. We had a few people-

- We did!

- Fill in the registration forms and give us some comments. Thank you for that, appreciate it.

- And we would appreciate if you could share it with your colleagues as it will help them.

- Yeah, and I will just remind listeners, we're just out for registrations of interest. We still haven't put it on the menu on the site. So just get it from the show notes. I think by next week we'll have enough feedback and we'll have updated the page and then we'll make it part of the main site. But yeah, for now go to the show notes and you'll be able to find the link.

- All right listeners onto some quick shots of the week. And the first one is HubSpot has updated their landing page editor to add smart content functionality to all the modules.

- This is so good. I'm so looking forward to this and we're going to chat about this in future episodes.

- Correct.

- We'll probably devote a whole episode to the whole smart content functionality in HubSpot because now it's no longer just our rich text or some forms. It's all the modules.

- I'm so looking forward to that. And then the next one is your ability to track replies on marketing emails and HubSpot. And then this is big because we often send marketing emails from the contact owner and being able to track the replies is phenomenal.

- Yeah, another one that we're going to talk about in a future episode, I think this is really cool.

- All right, on to HubSpot marketing feature the week, Craig. HubSpot form tips for selection lists.

- Now you reminded me of this on a show a couple episodes ago, when you say, ah, and you mentioned it just offhand, you said-

- Correct.

- Oh yeah. And by the way, you can actually edit the fields in a form. I was like, oh! That's actually a tip of the week right there. And so now we're mentioning it today.

- And listeners this is if you're using contact property, say it is a property where you have, it's in a dropdown list so you have multiple options. And you think on this particular form that you've created you want to use it but when you come to adding it and you go oh I don't think one or two of that is related to this form. You can actually take that out when creating the form, you can remove those options so they don't appear.

- So the value of this is people sometimes think, oh when I'm sending out the custom property that's going to be used in a form, I better keep it edited down there. Or create another custom property for use on another form. And your point then was like, no, you only need the one property. Just edit it down on the form. And this is the other thing when you're on the form and you say remove a few entries, it's just for the form. It doesn't suddenly go back and edit the custom property for you.

- Whoever thought of this, I take my hats off to them.

- So yeah, it's so flexible. This is really good.

- All right, onto our HubSpot sales pitch of the week, Craig. I discovered this when we were doing a training session for some of our customers who actually at shows, as people get back to work here in Australia and they're going, they're getting prepared to go to a show and they're like, oh can you train us on how to use the app? They spoke about the business card scanner was the first thing that came up. But the thing that I showed them was the HubSpot keyboard on your mobile device. Now, what this enables you to do is give you access to meeting links, snippets, quotes and documents within your mobile app. Just think of your keyboard. There's a way you can select it and you get an option to select all of these. And I use this often like when I see people and they go, I want to book a time. I just go here's my meeting, I literally just go click my meeting link, send in a text. And listeners, if you get the show notes you'll see a link I have sent to Craig. Actually it wasn't to book a meeting. It was to go and sign up for something. I think the 28 Day Marketing Challenge. And it just saves so much time. After I finished the session with the sales team they were like, wow, this is going to change everything because they're on the road, they're communicating, they're going to be on the, on the booth, on the stand. And this just opens up another way to communicate with people really quickly.

- I think this is great. When you showed it to me, I was like, oh this is really cool. You know how sometimes people want, oh I wish I just had a little macro, set of macros on my phone.

- That's right.

- I'm texting someone wish I just had a little dropdown list of macros I could choose from. I'm like, well, you know what? Just install HubSpot app to basically get the keyboard and then create a whole bunch of snippets, you can scroll through them, you can insert them that way. It's not the intended use of HubSpot, but gee if you want a little macro editor, you can do it.

- Correct, and there are instructions on how to install it because you've got to go to your settings and obviously enable the keyboard and then give it access so that it can utilize it within your system. All right, onto HubSpot sales pitch of the week, Craig. And this is about creating tasks based on NPS Survey results.

- Now tell me what prompted this because I had a customer that basically, yeah. Well they wanted you to do stuff that you didn't need to do.

- Correct. The request was how do I export this and then send it to the sales team so they can follow up people. And I said, I think I've got a better way of doing this. Let's just create a task so that the sales team immediately gets a task to follow up. So in the show notes, I've put a screenshot of how you would do it and listeners you need to have a service professional up to do this. But essentially you can send an internal email, you can create a task and you can send an email to the person who responded, right? That's now what I thought when I first saw this I thought, oh, there's three actions available. And they are the recommended actions, right? And Craig, as I spoke to you, as we went on I discovered there was a show more. And I discovered all of the other workflow actions underneath that, where you can delay it until the time of day you, can delay it until a particular event happens, if you're using enterprise you can have the ability to use custom code, format data and so much more goodness. So that was there. So that was a bit hidden. Now for the ones that forgot, I kind of said, well what do we do if we've forgotten to start this workflow? What you can do is create a contact view with the filters to do it because there are some fields that says the last NPS Survey rating and you can set the last NPS Survey date. So you know when it was and then you can manually assign tasks. This is very tedious and laborious because it doesn't automatically recognize the contact owner. So you've kind of have to sort the column by contact owner and then select it. But that's the worst case scenario.

- But your point is, you're sending up an NPS Survey go and create these workflows.

- Exactly.

- On the back of it. And it's really nice. You know, it's just kind of workflow on a page, little workflow editor, it's quite nice. But to get back to what the problem was your client said to you, oh, we've run this NPS Survey. Can you export all the survey results out to a spreadsheet? Because then, well we don't know what they're going to do. Probably open the spreadsheet, probably filter by them, sort then go, oh, these ones I'll assign them to you.

- Great.

- You can look at those Frank, and Mary you look at these ones. Then they get there and they go, all right. Well I better look up this contact in HubSpot. So check that out. Oh now call them, aw better make a note. Whereas you've just said, look none of that malarkey, just a quick workflow. And we'll just send that. We'll create a task and we'll we can send a notification straight to the person-

- And guess what? You'd never have to do it again.

- That's right.

- There's the time-saver tip of the week, Craig, all right. Onto our HubSpot gotcha of the week, Craig. And this is the inability to add a third ad account, if you're using the starter product. Now we talk about all the good things like increased limits and stuff. And here we have a real, what do I say? I'm lost for words.

- I know, and you're looking at me and smiling cause you know I want to have a big rant about this. I think this, is I'm all for limiting functionality to promote growth. So when they have limited the number of active lists you can have in say starter.

- Fair enough.

- You want to upgrade to pro to get, you know, more thousands of lists? Okay, fair enough, growing company. But here, when they've limited the ad accounts you can only have two. Why but I want to add my third ad account? No, you've got to upgrade to pro. Right from starter to pro.

- Yeah exactly.

- It's the wrong type of upsell funnel, really. And yeah, I find this kind of stuff frustrating because you can't actually get an experience of the whole value of it. You can only see two accounts, all right well uh.

- And I agree because a lot of times we have customers that start off with starter. They're running paid ads across all the channels that people would do, like-

- Google, LinkedIn, Facebook.

- And then we, we use this to do some basic email marketing. We connect this in and then we get stuck and they're like oh, I'm running. Where are those? Where do I see the data for those LinkedIn campaigns? Oh, sorry, we couldn't connect that account in. Well, what's the next step? You've got to upgrade. I don't think so. So it creates this friction and the flywheel really slows down at this point.

- I think it does, and nice use of the word flywheel. But yeah, it's, there's a difference between frustration upsell versus aspiration upsell. So I'm all for the aspirational upsell. Oh, would you like to enable workflows, look at all the power it'll give you, great.

- Automation.

- Yeah, automation great, great upsell. So yeah, I'll go for that. But you know what I think part of the problem is for the for the team at HubSpot, they like the difference between starter, they're putting so much stuff in starter. They're like, oh, how can we make it compelling for, to pro? Because the only big difference is social and workflows. And of course their social tool is, well, it's not best of breed. It's still pretty good and solid and integrated. But you know, there's plenty of other social tools. So that's not the compelling upsell. Workplaces, I think they're putting these cripple points in because they have to force frustration to get the upsell rather than the feature set. Now part of that is well, STRATA is so good, it's getting so good that almost pro is paling in comparison. I get that, but still this kind of crippling, it really frustrates me.

- All right on time marketing tip of the week, Craig. Landing page tips.

- Good thread on Twitter, and as I've said to people, I'm really only on Twitter, and sparingly these days. But there is great stuff on Twitter. So, you know, I could almost say to people just go and look at who I follow and follow most of them and you'll get a high lot of value. My signal to noise ratio is pretty high. I filter out a lot of the noise and I'll get a lot of good resources mainly around SEO and copywriting actually. But digital marketing in general there's stuff there.

- I would agree with you Craig. I have discovered so much good stuff.

- Yeah, it's good signal to noise ratio. And this one is a thread where a guy's just talking about landing page tips. He's done audits on landing pages and these are his tips. I think he's got about 17 of them could have been a blog post. Would be a better blog post, but you know, when you're on Twitter go and can check it out, it's actually really good.

- And the first tip on this is the most obvious one to me, it says, make your first heading, your heading one, your H1 count, obviously often neglected. And you know what's funny I saw this on another customers site this week where that was a first thing that got picked up. They had H2 headings on every page and there were no H1 headings.

- Oh, right, so bad for, well look, that's not the worst case on a landing page because he probably not really looking for SEO benefit but still it should be consistent. Yeah, but his point is a lot of them, they come in on the H1 tag and it's a really boring headline. It's kind of like a comes in.

- Oh.

- It's like, that's your three seconds to grab someone. And it's got something really lame like download your ebook, you know get the ebook, you know, it's the rather than some benefit or, you know, solve the pain and here's the benefit of that kind of thing. It's just really, and that often happens. I've been guilty of this.

- Yes.

- We put in so much work on a landing page. It's like, oh, we just needed some content. So, you know, I've kind of with the lamest heading possible and I didn't go back and fix it. There's, you know.

- That's right and you know what Craig, all of this stuff takes effort. And some people don't realize the effort you have to go through to get things done. It just seems relatively easy because sometimes we do it with ease. We know who we're targeting, we know what part of the funnel or the flywheel we're going after, we know we've got the content asset, we've got all the text to go with it, we've got all of the copy, we've got all of the standout that we want to show. So it does become easy, but you've actually got to think about everything. And I think the better thought out, the more well thought out process and understanding of who you're talking to, you get a much better result. All right, what's the insight of the week, Craig?

- I was reading the Deloitte Media Trends 15th edition report.

- Who would've thought there were 15 editions of this?

- That's right yeah, they've been putting them out for-

- I've never heard of it.

- Right. There's so many reports right so, and I read a lot of these kinds of things. I don't put many of them in the show. Cause most of them are just filler junk right, but some are good. I'm particularly interested in behavioral trends at the moment on the back of COVID of course, but generally and I'm going to say consumer trends because everyone's a consumer. And even though we're mainly working with B2B companies B2B companies are full of people that are consumers, right. And that you inherit these trends. So this is a full report from Deloitte but I'm just going to pick on one. And this is the ease with which people switch subscriptions. So it's talking about video streaming subscription, Netflix, all the different video streaming options and how people if they're not getting the content that they want they flip really quickly. They just cancel. Whereas before people used to get stuck in subscriptions and people still feel like, oh, I don't want to sign up because you know, I forget to unsubscribe. No, no, that behavior is changing. People are very comfortable just canceling and then resigning up later. So we've seen this, I mean, I think we've chatted about this on a show. I just go with HBO. People will sign up just to watch the Game of Thrones. And then when that finished, they canceled. This has only increased in the last year. I guess through COVID everyone was stuck at home. They signed up for more subscription offerings and then they canceled them. Okay, that's video streaming. It's actually a behavior that's now applying to every subscription interaction in their life. And so this sense of loyalty is going. It doesn't matter what you provide. People don't feel loyalty, they just feel like, oh, is it meeting my current needs? Yes, no. It's a very binary decision. And so my point, I'm really interested in these trends. So I'm thinking, well, when you're talking about content assets and one could be your social channel like we talked about right the start. I'm like people aren't going to subscribe to our LinkedIn posts because we put no effort into it. They might with our Twitter stream. But with anything you're doing, even if you think about your email newsletters, it's a free subscription a free signup, but people are very picky. They're unsubscribing. And so if you then reduce your quality and you're just putting out filler stuff or you're not giving it the focus that it needs you will lose those people. Before they might've just said, oh, I'll keep that. But now they don't. So that's a behavior trend. I think it's going to impact engagement that companies are having with their audience. And then that's just the free things. Then if you put it pushing on the paid offerings it's going to be even more so. So here's my point, here's the takeaway if people are listening to this. You've really got to put focus into this content or the engagement that you're offering out. Because if you're not, then you should be very fearful that they are going to unsubscribe.

- All right, onto our HubShots throwback of the week, Craig. And can you believe a year ago HubSpot was releasing the product in Dutch?

- Great localization for the win.

- I know amazing isn't it? It's those little things. All right, now we've got a great resource of the week Craig. Tell me more.

- Oh, this is so good. Everyone's got to go and do this. You can now book a goat, yes a goat, to join your Zoom calls. So this is a farm, I think in England somewhere.

- Yeah in the Cotswolds.

- Oh the Cotswolds, yeah. And so they basically, they had all these goats, and they're like oh just for laugh, you can get a a goat to join-

- There's a whole selection of goats Craig.

- To join your Zoom call. I'm so going to do this. I'd love to do it with a client as well. So I've got a picture in there, that's Lola, I'm going to book Lola to join one of our Zoom calls.

- So, listeners who would love to have a Zoom call with Craig and myself. And we'll invite the goat if you turn up, right. But we'll just do it all together. And maybe we can limit to 10 people perhaps. So let us know if you're interested please reply to the email.

- You know what? People will be signing up for that. I want this 28 Day Marketing Challenge that you're putting months of effort in to prepare. Nah, I ain't gonna have any of that. Oh! A Zoom call with a goat? I'm in. And two turkeys.

- All right, onto our quote of the week Craig. From Alvin Toffler, "The illiterate of the future. Are not those who can't read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and a relearn." I thought that was so apt. And what bonus links do we have Craig?

- I don't often do a movie recommendation.

- I'm surprised. I am very surprised you're doing a movie recommendation.

- We watched this film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 2019.

- Mr. Rodgers, yes. Yes, I have seen this.

- Have you seen this?

- Yes I have.

- With Tom Hanks?

- It is.

- What did you think?

- I loved it.

- This movie, wow. Do you remember the diner scene?

- Yes.

- If I say the diner scene, you know the one I, yeah. How powerful was that?

- Yes.

- I was just like, oh my. Anyway I don't know if it's everyone's taste but it wasn't something I was looking forward to watching Michelle just said, oh, do we watch this? It's got good reviews. I was like, okay, put it on. Wow, and Fred Rogers, you know, he's who I aspire to be now.

- Yeah.

- What a remarkable man.

- Yes.

- What impact, fantastic.

- Now what have you got about hey guys YouTube greetings. What's this all about?

- Yeah YouTube did an analysis of, I think more than a million videos that had had more than, I dunno, 200,000 views, something like that.

- Right.

- And they looked at the greetings that people did on video. You know, when people start videos they go, oh hi guys, hey guys, hey there kind of thing? And number one by far, the number one greeting was hey guys. That's what people say as a greeting at the start of videos. Hey guys, right? And then number four was hi guys. So they've got the breakdown there.

- Yeah, this is fascinating actually.

- What's up, good morning, and it changes based on the category. In tech people say ladies and gentlemen.

- Yes.

- Possibly cause they're a bit more-

- Proper.

- Proper, or you know, aware, but yeah, interestingly enough-

- You know what I've thought about sports?

- Yeah?

- What is going, well what's that?

- At that might be what's going on, or something like that.

- Yeah.

- But in beauty that by far, it's hey guys, and then they're mainly women doing those videos.

- Which is really interesting.

- A lot of women say hey guys.

- Yeah.

- Yeah it's interesting. I'm never sure whether to use the word guys because I know some people are sensitive to it.

- I agree.

- And others are like, oh that's fine. And I guess I don't really mind either way but I've got a habit of saying guys.

- Yes.

- I think that's probably, yeah I need to lose that. But it's interesting that videos, yeah, but that's by far the number, number one greeting.

- Now Craig, we've got some big shots of the week. It's the ARK Invest Big Ideas 2021.

- Yeah, so just some, this is back in January they released this. I'm always interested in big ideas again around themes and behavior themes. So in particular, in this one, they do talk about deep learning. So whenever that's mentioned I'm always interested in trends around deep learning. Cause that affects so many facets of marketing, right? They've got others and of course they talk about Bitcoin and crypto and stuff like that. And if you're into that, great, that's good. But yeah, always worth being aware of what's happening out there. People analyzing what's going on in the world. And then you can often take parts of that and use it as your own marketing strategy.

- Now Craig, you mentioned there's a special bonus where the report says copyright 2021 to 2025 .

- I know. Bonus just the last line. What are they doing? I don't know.

- Very interesting.

- I think someone's done a formula to copyright at the end.

- Fascinating. Anyway listeners, thank you for listening to us. We hope you have a great week and please share this with your colleagues.

- You know what you need to do you need to create a snippet Ian on how to book a meeting with us on the go. Then you can use that on your keyboard on your mobile to send to people so that, you watch people will book a meeting with on the go.

- All right there's a challenge. The meeting with the goats, from the Cotswolds.

- We'll get a link in there. Book a meeting with us and the goat.

- Anyway, Craig, until next week.

- Catch you later, Ian.

- Hey there. Thanks for listening to this episode of HubShots to get the latest show notes, HubSpot tips and resources, sign You can also book time with us to help you grow better with HubSpot.

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